4 Best Conversion Optimization Courses To Increase SaaS Marketing ROI

best conversion optimization courses

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Best Website Visitor Identification Software For B2B Sales Teams 

best website visitor identification software

Among other things, the best website visitor identification software will help you to solve one problem. Your B2B sales team will be empowered to eliminate guesswork about the ideal buyer persona.  In other words, you’ll be elevated with insightful data points to stop groping in the dark.  If you are like most people, creating a …

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33 Companies Hiring For Remote SaaS Jobs

I used to think that high paying, full-time remote jobs were a mirage until I discovered the world of SaaS. But then, after the discovery of these and other companies hiring for remote SaaS jobs, my perspective changed for good. 

Like many other people do right now, I was wondering how possible it could be for someone to be working for a company without commuting to an office. 

This idea of full-time employment without a traditional office was contrary to my belief systems back in the days. 

However, having worked online as a freelance content writer and search marketing consultant from my native home in Nigeria, the possibility of full-time remote jobs wasn’t 100% alien to me. To this day, I still work with clients from different countries around including the US, UK, Ireland, Canada and India. 

Through my work experiences and interactions with friends and clients, I also became aware of remote-first companies. Assuming this is your first time, let’s look into that.

What Are Remote-First Companies?

These are companies that started first as a remote company, meaning they have team members working online from anywhere, whether or not they end up establishing an office. The above definition acknowledged the fact that some companies might be operating a hybrid model, in which people could be working out of the company office or from anywhere else, including their homes. 

Closely related to the above definition is the concept of 100% remote companies which means that every operation is based entirely online. 

Perhaps, the nature of software as a service (SaaS) business model through which value can be bought and sold online remains a perfect match for remote work. Whether you are looking for a full-time remote job for the first time or you are a veteran, this list was created with you in mind. 

Best Companies Hiring For Full Time Remote SaaS Jobs 

This blog, SaaSValueChain.com is centered around search engine marketing for SaaS companies. Based on that, we’ll be bringing you some of the best companies hiring for remote SaaS marketing jobs. In addition to that, we’ll be looking into other lucrative industries and niche markets too. 

Whether you are a freelancer trying to explore a high paying remote job for the first time or you have considerable experience in some specific roles, these are the companies worth checking out from time to time. 

Instead of waiting for new remote SaaS jobs to get posted in the public domain, you might get an edge by proactively reaching out to the decision-makers at these remote-friendly companies. 

And that’s the essence of making this list. Let’s check them out below. 

1. Slack

Slack is a collaboration platform for managing teamwork. Based on the nature of their software as a service (SaaS) business model, Slack seems to be a perfect match for people interested in remote SaaS jobs. In specific terms, the real value of their product can be bought and sold entirely online. 

As their website reads, ‘Slack brings your team together wherever you are’’. Using their tools, you can be able to create channels, organize teach conversations and have real-time chat from anywhere. 

Founded in 2009, this company had raised $1.4 billion in venture funding. Their technologies and products are currently serving over 119,000 paying customers across 150 countries. According to the data available on LinkedIn, Slack works with over 2000 employees from around the world. 

Check their career page for available Slack jobs in London, Canada, India, Ireland and the US. 

2. Shopify

If you have heard about dropshipping business models before, there is a great chance it is associated with Shopify. This ecommerce technology company is one of the best companies hiring for remote SaaS jobs.

At the time of this writing, Shopify is powering over 1 million online stores for merchants that pay them monthly to use their ecommerce software tools. 

In the first quarter of 2020 alone, this company earned around $470 million

As you can see, Shopify is not a small bootstrapped remote-friendly tech company that may not guarantee a 12 – 36 months of job security. The interesting thing is that this company is worth checking out from time to time if you need a high paying full-time remote job. As a multi-billion-dollar company, over 6,500 persons are now working as Shopify employees. Interestingly, around 2000 of these people are working remotely. 

Check out their career page for currently available Shopify jobs in Ireland, Canada and the USA. 

3. Asana

Here is another collaboration and teamwork management technology company on the list. In many different ramifications, Asana belongs to the same category as Slack. Founded in 2008 by Facebook co-founder, Dustin Moskovitz, Asana has grown to become a multi-billion dollar enterprise that is constantly hiring for remote SaaS jobs. 

Findings showed that this remote-friendly tech company is currently working with 933 employees and that includes some that are working remotely. 

As a remote-friendly company, Asana also operates a hybrid model from 9 global offices while serving over 70,000 paying customers from 195 countries. From their career page, you’ll find available jobs in areas like engineering, product design, human resource as well as some remote SaaS marketing jobs. 

You can get more insights from this post on how Asana teams make remote work productive and fulfilling. See this page for Asana jobs with different requirements and specifications. 

4. Basecamp

From the early days of remote work, Basecamp founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier used to be proactive and popular proponents. Back in the days when the company was still called 37 Signal, these guys wrote the playbook on remote work, aptly titled: Remote – Office Not Required. 

books on remote work

Source: BaseCamp.com

As a project management tool, the remote-friendly company was founded based on the problems they experienced while working with clients dispersed at different locations. 

Founded in 1999, this Basecamp describes itself as ‘the all-in-one toolkit for working remotely’’. 

While they have a headquarter in Chicago, USA, every one of their 50 employees is free to work from wherever they choose. 

This is not a big company in comparison to the ones above. However, having been around for 21 years in the business, you can expect a productive remote work culture if you get a chance to join their team. You can keep in touch for new Basecamp job postings from time to time. Signing up for their job notification newsletter will also be helpful. 

5. InVision 

Design is one of those lucrative types of remote jobs you can do from your home or any other chosen place. Being a design-centric company, InVision is one of the best companies hiring for remote SaaS jobs. Please note that whenever I mention SaaS jobs, it could be any role within a software as a service company or those specific roles that are essential for building a SaaS product, just like the design. 

In their own words, InVision is described as

‘‘The digital product design platform powering the world’s best user experiences’’.

At this point, people that are specifically interested in remote product design jobs will find this post from InVision very insightful

One impressive thing that made this remote-friendly design company attractive is the exceptional educational content they provide for both the design and remote work communities. From their website, you’ll find this mostly in video and written formats. 

According to Pitchbook, InVision has raised $115 million in venture funding. LinkedIn research also showed that they have around 1,245 employees including the ones that work in remote customer success jobs. 

You can check this page link for available InVision remote jobs

6. Buffer

As a provider of social media marketing automation tools, Buffer also provides remote SaaS marketing jobs for people with specified qualifications. One thing that made Buffer so interesting is that it is among the 100% remote companies that offer high paying remote job opportunities. High paying jobs, in my opinion, are the ones that pay $100,000+ per year. 

In addition to this, Buffer is one of the few open startups that share their salaries and revenue numbers in the public. Here is the link to check out their current salaries for different roles.


Source: Buffer

The last time I checked, this remote SaaS company had around 85 employees, all working remotely from 15 different countries. 

Their current customer base stands around 73,000. 

To understand the factors that influence successful remote work, Buffer’s State of Remote Work Report might be a little bit helpful. From the report, it was revealed that flexible work schedules and the freedom of working from anywhere (location independence) are the two most valuable factors that attract people to remote work. 

Follow this link to find available Buffer remote jobs from their career page. From remote customer success jobs to design and engineering, this company might just have a perfect matching role for your personality and experience. 

7. GitLab

Just like InVision, this company provides developer tools for the software development community. Having started as an open-source project, GitLab now receives contributions from over 3000 code contributors. On top of their free resources, they have SaaS-based subscription plans used by thousands of customers from around the world. As one of the biggest remote companies, GitLab works with 1,293 team members from 67 different countries. 

Their core values include diversity, collaboration and transparency. 

If you are looking for high paying remote developer jobs, you may want to sign up on GitLab’s platform and start contributing to the open-source projects before checking out or applying for available positions. Looking at its $436 million total funding, GitLab’s current valuation is over $2 billion. 

Even as a fully distributed company, this company provides rewarding full-time remote job opportunities across areas like engineering, design, marketing, human resource and analytics. Through their career page, you may be able to find interesting GitLab jobs that could be a perfect match for you. 

8. GitHub

Similar to the one mentioned above, GitHub is another great platform that provides useful developer tools and subscription plans for building software. One key difference is that GitHub is relatively bigger. An interesting indicator was when Microsoft acquired this company for a widely announced $7.5 billion around June 2018. 

The company was founded in 2007 by Tom Preston Werner and Chris Wansrath. Based on my last check, their platform is said to be serving over 50 million people around the world, most of whom are software developers. 

On the other hand, another key similarity between GitHub and GitLab is that both of them started and still operate as open-source platforms where anyone can make contributions. 

Among other things, the nature of their business, as well as platform, lends perfect support for remote work. 

Some of the core values that define GitHub culture are diversity, inclusion and belonging. Work wherever you are happiest – that’s the line that depicts their perspective on remote work. Looking at the size of this company, you can expect a large employee base. But that doesn’t stop them from doing productive work that matters. LinkedIn data showed they have over 2000 employees at the time of this writing. 

While they are open and inclusive about hiring for remote SaaS jobs, GitHub has a specified location where prospective workers should be based before applying. 

Explore this link for available GitHub remote jobs across specific areas like product design, finance, legal and engineering. 

If you are interested in internships at GitHub, you should be checking the same career page too. 

9. Zapier 

At its core, Zapier is one of the best fully distributed and remote first companies that are constantly hiring new talent to help build up their business. Here is a software integration platform that helps people connect different tools for doing productive work. And the best part is, they do it in interesting ways that attract people to pay for their products. 

From product engineering to legal operations, human resource and remote SaaS marketing job, Zapier is constantly hiring full-time remote workers from 28 countries and 17 time zones. 

Whether you are interested in tech-centric roles or not, there is a chance you’ll find a perfect matching role if you’ve got the qualifications required. It is important to mention this because not everyone working in a software as a service company deals with tech tools or software. From their existing 338 team members working remotely, you can be sure of finding people in roles that are non-tech centric. 

Regardless of your location, Zapier has interesting perks like healthcare packages, paid leave for new parents, professional development allowance and profit-sharing. 

One thing to keep in mind is that they may have location preferences for every role they are hiring for. 

In terms of outstanding remote work culture, Zapier and Buffer occupy a distinct edge among others. Even though they can be very picky, you might just have what it takes if you commit to explore the opportunities for working at Zapier

10. Aha Labs

Aha is a product road mapping software platform used mostly by tech companies. Looking at the nature of their business and company, people that are specifically interested in remote product design jobs, remote product management jobs and product engineering might find this Aha Labs to be a perfect match. 

Whether you are directly involved in any of these roles or not, the nature of their platform will give you great opportunities to learn useful lessons every working day. 

According to the statement found on their website, this remote-friendly SaaS company generates over $40 million in annual revenue

Though it is not as big as others mentioned earlier, it is one of the best fully distributed remote companies in this list. To help their workers unwind and get off the always-on remote work environment, this company provides two onsite retreats on an annual basis. 

Just like Buffer and Zapier, you’ll also have the opportunity to benefit from profit sharing if you join their team. 

Like some other reputable remote companies, Aha usually has defined locations where they prefer to hire future employees. Most times, the aim is to foster better team alignment in terms of language, culture and time zone. From my research, I found they have over 150 teams all working remotely. Click on their career page to see available job openings at Aha Labs

11. Groove 

Especially in an industry where value is being bought and sold completely online, customer support is paramount to the success of almost every business. This is where customer support software tools like Groove come into play. Besides, their tools are also used by other companies that may not have much to do with technology. 

However, the most interesting thing is that Groove is a SaaS company that employs full time remote workers. In this blog post, you can learn how people in different roles work remotely at Groove. 

If you are among the people that will prefer working in a small SaaS company with 100% remote teams, this one is worth checking out. 

While there are no job openings at the moment, you can reach out to any of their 19 employees, especially the decision-makers to keep in touch from time to time. Who knows, you’ll be the first to get notified when a matching role emerges. 

12. Doist

We don’t require everyone to work on the same schedule or to move to a city where rent is too high. That’s one of the impressive statements I found about Doist. At its core, this is a SaaS company that creates remote jobs in different tech, finance and business categories. Like many other companies in this list, they do hire for full-time remote work. 

Why won’t Doist hire full time remote workers? As a 100% remote company, they have 72 team members working from different spots across 29 countries. 

Founded in 2007, this company makes productivity and task management apps for teams. 

Their first flagship product, ToDoist was launched in the same year 2007. One other thing worth mentioning is that this is a bootstrapped SaaS company. Part of what they do have been covered by reputable media outlets like Forbes, Quartz and FastCompany. 

This image below will give you a slight preview of their core values.

doist remote jobs

Source: Doist

If you have been dreaming of the opportunity to be working based on the schedules set by you and not your employer, Doist could be a great fit for you. Some of the employee perks offered by this company include paid parental leave, 40 paid vacation days every year and co-working reimbursement. 

In addition to these perks, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in annual team retreats in selected locations around the world. Check this page for full time Doist remote work

13. Close 

This sales management software company was previously known as Close.io until after a rebrand that included the acquisition of the domain name www.close.com. Just like the name sounds, its products empower users to manage sales processes and close more deals. Interestingly, it is one of the best companies hiring full time remote workers. 

Some of the companies using their products include Zapier, GetAround, Customer.io and ChartMogul. Founded in 2013, this company has been in business since that time. 

It is among the companies that use the hybrid model while offering remote SaaS jobs to people in specified locations. 

Their main headquarters is in San Francisco, USA. 

However, you can join their 78 team members and work from anywhere, including your home. If you are looking for stellar educational content on sales, you can look up to their channel on Youtube. Their CEO and Co-founder, Steli Efti has become an influential content creator. 

Even as a remote friendly SaaS company, Close offers interesting perks for prospective employees that work from anywhere. . 

Through their career page, you’ll find some open positions almost every time you check. 

14. AirTable 

AirTable is project management software used by businesses of all sizes. Whether your work revolves around design, engineering, product marketing, content writing, or recruitment, they have the tools to help you manage projects and tasks assigned to different team members. Looking at the core of what they do, you can say that AirTable is similar to Slack and Asana. But it is slightly different. 

According to the statement found on their website, the products built by this company are used by over 170,000 organizations around the world. 

The company itself was founded in 2012 by Howie Liu and two other co-founders. 

Like many other SaaS companies in this list, they have free plans as well as premium plans used by teams of different sizes. 

As a recognition of the value in their products, some investors have supported with over $170 million funding. Though they have an office in San Francisco, USA, AirTable also creates full time remote jobs for people around the world. If you get an opportunity to fill one of the remote SaaS jobs created by this company, you’ll be joining 236 other team members currently working for AirTable.  

Part of their core mission is empowering people to bring their creative vision to life. If that interests you, go check out AirTable remote jobs on their career page. 

15. Hubstaff

Here is a time tracking and productivity monitoring software used mostly by remote workers. For most outsiders, here I am talking about people that are yet to experience remote work in a professional environment, measuring and managing employee productivity seems to be a big puzzle. This is where great tools like Hubstaff come in. 

With the tracking and scheduling tools provided by this company, you’ll be able to see what your remote employees are working on. On their platform, you’ll also have payment system integrations to manage payroll. 

At Hubstaff, remote work means that you can be working from wherever you choose and only when it is suitable for your personality. 

No fixed schedules and no offices. 

For this one and other remote first companies, what matters most is output and not the hours you put or physical presence. If you are looking for support related remote jobs or remote developer jobs, Hubstaff is worth checking out too. 

The tools made by this company are now used by over 34,000 businesses. Records found during research for this post showed that Hubstaff is bringing in over $8.4 million in annual run rate. Whenever you check, you’ll find some interesting remote jobs on the Hubstaff careers page. This image below will give an idea of their core values. 

hubstaff remote jobs

16. Toggl

For people interested in the best time tracking software for remote employees, Toggl is another Hubstaff alternative in the market. Depending on the needs of your team and the work they do, Toggl is well integrated to work across browsers, websites and mobile apps. 

It is also compatible with all device types. 

If you are still wondering how to manage remote employees effectively, this is one of the best tools for that. On the other hand, people that want to learn what it feels like to work in a remote team or manage one will find this company very interesting. 

Through their platform, you’ll still find great tools for hiring remote employees and project management. 

Whether your company is running a remote team or not, these tools will also be useful. 

Even before you apply to any of the 100% remote jobs offered by this company, you’ll get more insight into how they work by reading through this page titled out of office. From this page alone, you’ll learn more about their values, culture and operating processes. 

If you want to start doing work that delivers value to 4 million+ users, joining Toggl’s 80 person team will give you an opportunity for that. 

With Toggle, there is no need to move to an uncomfortable or unaffordable location for your employment. You can be working from any place or space that suits you the most. A look inside their careers page will help you to see the available positions at every point in time. 

If you are interested in a recruitment role, for instance, you may want to read this post – the ultimate guide to hiring remote workers

17. ConvertKit 

Nathan Barry, the co-founder of ConvertKit was part of the reason why I started this blog SaaSValueChain. Back in 2017, I read how he wrote 1000 words per day for 365 days in a row and the outcomes that followed that milestone. This inspired me to write 40 blog posts of 2000 words per day for 40 days in a row. And that resulted in a higher freelance writing income because I used those pieces as a portfolio. 

ConvertKit is an email marketing tool that many people have found to be a great alternative to MailChimp. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced email marketing expert, this platform has got what you need. 

First, it is a fully distributed company of 53 team members working from 44 cities in the world. If you happen to be in or around the US, this remote friendly SaaS company organizes an annual event called Craft + Commerce

Based on the data provided by Baremetrics, a SaaS revenue analytics and optimization company, ConvertKits earns over $1.8 million in MRR at the time of this writing. 

Part of their core values is to create every day and teach everything you know. 

This is directly related to the importance of building an audience first before the product as opposed to building a product and then trying to find a market for that. Follow this link to the ConvertKit career page and you’ll find some full time remote jobs updated regularly. 

17. Mailerlite

Here is another email marketing company that works with a 100% distributed team. Founded in 2010, its platform is now serving over 861,000 customers around the world. Remember, the nature of most SaaS businesses means that value can be bought and sold 100% online. As one of the best alternatives to MailChimp, Mailerlite is cheaper for most beginners and advanced email marketing experts. 

Starting from a small town in Lithuania, this company now works with 83 team members around the world. If you are from countries like Germany, France, USA, Mexico and Brazil, it is good to know that Mailerlite already has people working from these places.

Every, the people working for this company converge twice in any chosen location for memory-rich team retreats. 

Consider bookmarking their career page for constant checking on emerging new roles. 

19. Ahrefs

Assuming you have a preference for a remote marketing job in a SaaS company, this is one of the best companies you should be watching. While they have a vibrant office in their home country, Singapore, Ahrefs do hire people to work from anywhere. However, they may specify preferred locations for certain remote jobs. 

With the tools built by this company, you’ll have what it takes to do competitor analysis, keyword research, link building and content creation. 

Having used this tool for some time now, one of the impressive and outstanding things about Ahrefs is high value in-app educational content. While you are using their tools, you’ll be seeing links to feature specific tutorials that will be useful for every imaginable context. 

This content can be found mostly in written text and video formats. 

In case you are intending to get a full time remote SEO job, you may want to take advantage of their stellar educational content to update your knowledge. 

Based on the last data I saw, Ahrefs is generating over $33 million annual revenue with the hard work of 47 employees. The company was founded in 2011 and has been in business since then. If you are a hardcore developer, there is a chance you’ll find a perfect role that matches your expertise on Ahrefs careers page

20. Olark 

Through the evolution of internet technology, especially in a business context, real-time chat has been proven to be better than email. With email, you always have to wait for a response when it is convenient for the recipient. And the worst part is – email messages often get buried and forgotten a lot of times. 

To provide a solution in this context, Olark builds live chat software for customer engagement. The nature of their products also means that anyone from anywhere around the world can purchase it without walking into a physical office or waiting for shipping. Here we are talking about real software as a service (SaaS) business model.

Their products are used mainly for online lead generation and sales. Olark’s products, as well as business, are supported by 28 team members working from different countries. 

The main employee perks you should expect from this company include 12 weeks paid parental leave, company-sponsored holidays, yearly vacation bonus and professional development budget. 

Olark was founded in 2008 and has been in business since then. 

If you are just getting started, this guide on transitioning to remote work will be very helpful. Through their LinkedIn page, you may want to get in touch with some of the key decision-makers to get first-hand information about new job openings. 

Based on the information available on their website, Olark is currently serving over 40,000 customers across 170 countries. 

More information about full time remote SaaS jobs can be found on their career page

21. Baremetrics 

This is a subscription business analytics software company that provides tools for user segmentation, revenue recovery and reporting. With the tools provided by Baremetrics, you’ll be able to segment your customer bases, compare cohorts and gain insights for revenue optimization. It is one of the companies that initiated the Open Startup movement, in which some companies share their operating process, salaries and revenue dashboard in public. 

Depending on your choice, you can have Baremetrics into other platforms like Stripe, Brain Tree, Google Play, Shopify Partners and Recurly and Chargebee. 

And the most interesting part is that this company has a strong culture of hiring remote workers. Through their public dashboard, you can see that Baremetrics is generating around $118,000 in MRR

A further look into the Open Startup dashboard will show you other companies that are sharing their revenue numbers in public. 

If you have what it takes, you might get an opportunity to join their 11 team members. 

22. Stripe

Started in 2009 by the Collison brothers, Patrick and John, Stripe is an online payment processing company used mainly by internet-based businesses. If you have used any SaaS product and had your payment processed online, there is a chance the payment was powered by Stripe infrastructure. 

According to the founders, their mission is to increase the world’s internet GDP, whatever that means to them and you. Among other interesting facts, Stripe is a well-funded internet that is enabling other businesses to thrive across 30+ countries. 

From its inception, Stripe has raised over $1.6 billion in venture funding across 12 different rounds. Now, just think about what the valuation could be at the moment.

As part of their core mission, this company has a program called Stripe Atlas that helps people, just about anyone around the world, to register a reputable business in the US. At the time of this writing, Atlas has helped entrepreneurs across 140 countries. 

In terms of aggregate figure, the companies formed through Stripe Atlas had raised over $2 billion. 

When you go through Atlas, you’ll also get access to discounted startup service packages related to cloud computing (AWS), legal and tax-related services. 

If for any reason you want to work in fintech, Stripe is one of the best companies that will allow you to experience and enjoy location independence. Probably, you can join their 2000+ team members through some of the regular remote job openings

23. Agency Analytics

From the sound of its name, you can get a clear impression of what this SaaS company is all about. Whether you are running social, search or content marketing campaigns as an agency, this company will provide you an all-in-one platform for performance reporting. In addition to this, Agency Analytics provides great tools for tracking and reporting phone calls generated from every marketing campaign. 

My findings showed that this company originated in Canada. Given the above fact, people looking for remote SaaS jobs in Canada may find this one to be very suitable. 

Since most companies that hire remote workers usually have preferred locations, if you are in Canada, don’t forget to check this one out. 

Further look also showed that their 16 person team is spread across different areas like product engineering, marketing and customer success. Their products support performance reporting for over 3.500 companies in different countries. 

At any point in time, you may want to keep a tab on their career page for regular updates on remote SaaS jobs. 

24. HotJar

Among other things, the diversity of SaaS products makes this industry very interesting. Back in the days, I was never aware of what a heat mapping software is or how it works until I discovered Hotjar through its founder interview on Youtube. On the other hand, running some conversion rate experiments with organic search engine traffic gave me an even better experience and insights in this regard. 

However, whether you are looking for product design, product management or marketing related remote-jobs, Hotjar is likely to have a vacancy even as you read this piece. 

For people in marketing that may want to update their knowledge a little bit, conversion rate optimization cases studies found on their website could be useful. 

Whether or not they have some open positions on the Hotjar careers page at this time, it might be helpful to keep in check from time to time. Besides, you might be surprised by the outcome of proactive reach out as opposed to waiting for public postings. 

Some of the remote employee perks offered by Hotjar include 40 days annual leave, 2 annual team retreats in selected locations, personal development budget, home office budget up to $4000 and 12 weeks paid parental leave. 

If you succeed in getting a remote job from Hotjar, you’ll be joining 105 other remote workers from across the globe. 

In terms of product usage and experience, you may find these other Hotjar alternatives very interesting. Some of these other companies offer remote SaaS jobs as well. 

25. TaxJar 

This is a digital sales tax reporting and accounting software company that operates the SaaS business model. When an online business grows to a certain extent, managing tax responsibilities and reports, especially in the international context becomes harder to handle. Instead of having to build internal proprietary tools for this, you can have Taxjar provide seamless solutions for this. 

Based on the fact that their products can be bought and sold online, they have a culture of hiring remote workers too. 

From the outside, it may look like Taxjar is a small SaaS company. But when you become aware of the fact that they have assembled 153 team members from different countries and for the same purpose, your perspective will change. 

Besides software as a service, their products are also used by business people in industries like health, food and finance. Their stated mission is ‘making ecommerce easier for everyone’.

The products provided by Taxjar are currently being used by 20,000+ businesses in different countries. 

Furthermore, it is also worth noting that Taxjar is a remote first, fully distributed company. Whether you are just getting into remote work or you’ve got some experience, reading through Taxjar Glassdoor reviews might prove useful. 

Assuming you want to fill one of the Taxjar jobs that open from time to time, expect to have remote employee perks like mandatory birthday holidays, 401k, corporate equity, full health coverage, free Spotify premium and monthly gym reimbursement. 

26. Help Scout

In case you have been working in a customer support or customer success related role before now, Help Scout might just have the remote job opportunity you have been looking for. At its core, their mission is mainly about helping companies to deliver delightful support experiences. 

Interestingly, this remote-friendly software company also hires people in many other areas like product marketing, product management, engineering, finance and support. 

Concerning their culture, this company refers to itself as builders without borders. 

From 75 cities around the world, Help Scout empowers support teams across 140 countries. In terms of product experience, its user interface is convincingly outstanding in the industry. Here is one reason why many people have found Help Scout to be a great Intercom alternative

The company was founded in 2011 and has been in business since then. With the current 133 team members, this is one of the best SaaS companies hiring remote employees in diverse roles. 

Do your best work from anywhere in the world. That’s the first opening line on the Help Scout jobs page. Have you been looking for a remote-first company in the support software industry? If yes, go check out their careers page. 

27. CrowdCast 

CrowdCast is a digital broadcasting platform for artists and everyone else. In simple terms, it provides its users the tools to create content, build and monetize an audience online. You can choose between formats like live videos, webinars and virtual summits. You may also want to offer your content in the form of online training courses. 

To make all that possible they are constantly hiring for tech-related and non-tech roles. Looking at their business model, you might just find an opportunity to learn how a SaaS business works. 

Again, this is a remote first company with the majority of its employees working across Canada and the US. 

During the time of this writing, there were no open positions. However, you may decide to reach out via LinkedIn or email to get notified when new remote job openings pop out. Here a link to their career page.  

28. Process Street

If you are looking for venture funded remote companies you can join as an employee, this is one of the most interesting options for you. Product-wise, Process Street is a workflow management software company with lots of useful templates and standard operating procedure documents (SOPs). 

Whenever you need to improve the efficiency of repeatable operating processes as a business owner or employee, this software might have a perfect solution for you. 

Depending on your personal or team needs, you can have the tools integrated into 1000+ other compatible apps. 

Some of the companies using their tools include Airbnb, Spotify and Accenture. 

In their last funding round, Process Street raised about $12 million from investors that included reputable names like Atlasian and Salesforce Ventures. This amount brought their total funding to $15 million. Some specific roles like product designer at Process Street could be earning up to $90,000 per annum. 

A look into their Process Street careers page will reveal some of the current remote job openings. 

29. Ghost 

Are you still thinking that WordPress is the only game in town? Well, think again. Before now I have not taken much time to look into this platform. But then, writing this post made it necessary. Just like WordPress, Ghost is an open source CMS based online publishing platform created in October 2013. 

According to the statement on their website, the platform is made for publishers, entrepreneurs and developers alike. The platform is said to be Javascript based. 

In addition to many other things, you can build membership sites on top of their platform. 

From Shopify to Type Form, Google Analytics, Spotify, SoundCloud MailChimp and Youtube, you can integrate Ghost into many other platforms of choice. For more insights, consider reading through this Ghost vs WordPress comparison

If you want to use the premium features and tools on this platform, you have to subscribe to one of their payment plans. Some of the companies using Ghost publishing platforms include Tinder, Revolut, Digital Ocean, Coding Horror and Stanford Review. 

 As a 100% remote company, any job at this company will allow you to work from anywhere you choose, including your home or hotel room. 

Based on the records from AngelList, Ghost has raised around $5.3 million in venture funding. LinkedIn records also showed that this remote company has about 13 team members from places like Hungary, United Kingdom, Egypt, Thailand and USA. 

Roles like senior infrastructure engineer could be earning you like $60 – $100K if you have what it takes to join Ghost

From the career page linked above, you can find some of the core values behind the work they do. 

30. DocuSign 

In the not so distant past, getting business agreement and signing mandatory documents often requires moving from one location to the other. And the painful part is that unnecessary delays are usually experienced in the process. In addition to this, moving from one location to the other takes some time and money. 

Interestingly, DocuSign is one of the SaaS companies that eliminates such geographic barriers across many industries. It’s a kind of a solution in some specific business processes that people wish to be better. 

The company was founded in 2003 by Dan Springer. It is an electronic signature software used by over 500,000 customers around the world. 

With the tools provided by this company, you can have organized digital agreement signing processes stored in the cloud. 

From the founding date to the time of this writing, DocuSign has raised $596 million through 13 rounds of venture funding. Some of the companies using their products include Salesforce, T-Mobile, Visa, Facebook, Uber and Apple. 

Moreover, their user base is spread across 180 countries and 44 languages. 

Given the above facts, DocuSign is one of the best venture funded SaaS companies with lucrative career growth opportunities. 

The image below is a preview of the benefits of working at DocuSign.

docusign remote jobs

Source: Docusign.com

While they offer remote work opportunities, they do specify preferred locations. Some of the current locations where most of their employees work from include Seattle, San Francisco, Dublin, Sao Paulo and Paris. At any given point in time, DocuSign careers page usually has some interesting open positions. 

31. Memberful 

Memberful is a small SaaS company that builds membership website creation software for entrepreneurs in different niche markets. This platform provides all the tools you need to start, run and grow a profitable membership website. 

Most of their customers are spread across niche markets like gardening, music, politics, entrepreneurship and even sports.

Unlike some of the big heavyweights, this one runs with a small team of experts working from different locations of their choice. If you want to start a profitable membership website in the future, it might be helpful to explore the possibilities of working for a membership software company like this one. 

Some other membership software companies include StartChapter, MemberClicks, MemberLeap and ClubExpress. 

See their career page for more information. 

32. Zendesk

Here is a customer relationship management software company that has a culture of hiring remote workers. Once again, people that have specific interests or experience in a customer support management SaaS job will find this one to be relevant. 

Some of their core products include sales CRM, live chat software, call center, knowledge base and analytics software. 

ZenDesk is reported to have raised $85 million and is currently providing jobs for 3000+ employees with some that are 100% full time remote workers. Their customer base stands at 150,000 from 160 countries. That’s at the time of this writing. 

Though it is a remote friendly SaaS company, ZenDesk prefers to work with employees at locations like Dublin, London, Melbourne, San Francisco and Copenhagen. 

A look into ZenDesk jobs page will inform you of what is available. 

33. Demio

Demio is one of the best webinar software companies that I have used personally. Their intuitive user interface made it a great alternative to Zoom webinars. Overall, the features built into their platform help users to show the value of their products instead of having to rely on written text or spoken words. Perhaps, you are already aware of the fact that humans process images 60,000 faster than mere words. 

From beautiful registration pages to reminders, interactive chat and replays, Demio has everything you need to host a profitable webinar. 

Based on the fact that you don’t need to download Demio, it is meant to be compatible across different browsers and operating systems like Android and Apple IOS. You can also integrate this webinar software into any other platform of choice. 

Having been around since 2014, the company has grown to provide remote SaaS jobs for 14 team members working remotely from places like Brazil, India and USA. 

Though they don’t have a standalone career page, Demio remote jobs can be found on other job sites like RemoteOk.io. 

Besides, you can still reach out to the decision-makers through LinkedIn to see when new openings pop-out. Having a small team means that you could get a faster response if you decide to reach out instead of waiting for public job board posting. 

Frequently Asked Remote Jobs Questions 

What kind of jobs are remote?

These are the kinds of jobs you can do with an internet connected computer while working alone or with a team. The nature of output and processes involved means that you can do these jobs from home or anywhere there is strong internet connection. Some examples include the following –

  • Software programming 
  • Web Design 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Data Analytics
  • Online teaching 
  • Video editing 
  • Social media advertising 
  • Accounting 
  • Recruitment 

How do I get a high paying remote job?

In most cases, this will be dependent on your location, education, training, work experience, type of remote job and specific role. First step on how to get a high paying remote job is to discover the exact qualifications required for one and then apply if you are qualified. 

The second step is to get some remote job training in a specific high paying role or type of remote job. Explore some opportunities for internships. Get some work experience and start applying for the ones you found. 

Check out this link for real examples

Do remote workers get paid less?

Wherever a specific role and type of remote job are the same, remote workers do not get paid less for any reason. What matters most are the value of skills, experience and output you can deliver. 

What companies are hiring to work from home?

First, you can refer to the list of companies hiring remote workers on this page. You can also check Angellist and other remote job boards like RemoteOK, Remotive and WeWorkRemotely. 

What are the highest paying remote jobs?

The highest paying remote jobs are usually dependent on years of experience and the specific specific role. For example, two UX/UI designers with a wide gap in their years of work experience could be earning unequal amounts even in the same industry. 

Some of the highest paying remote jobs can be found in  –

  • Data science
  • Software engineering 
  • Product management
  • Network and information security
  • Cloud computing 
  • Growth marketing 
  • Mobile application development 
  • Machine learning 
  • Accounting 

Wrap Up On Remote Friendly SaaS Companies 

Whether you are looking for small, medium-sized or venture funded SaaS companies hiring for full time remote jobs, they are all represented here. 

But first, you have to consider your expertise and previous work experience. These are the major factors that will determine how suitable you’ll be for some specific remote jobs. Some other important variables for finding suitable remote SaaS jobs are the location and time zone. 

As you have seen in this post, most of these companies will have a preference in terms of location and time zone even when it is a 100% remote company. 

Most companies specify preferred locations to maintain cultural and operational alignment among their team members. 

Finally, being specific about the industry and specific role you are looking for will always be helpful. Doing this will enable you to find better terms for your remote job search. When you know exactly what you are looking for, you’ll start getting better ideas of where to look and how to start a meaningful conversation around that. 

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