Best Ahrefs Alternatives With Free Trial

It’s costly.

More than anything else, this is the #1 reason why many people do search for the best Ahrefs alternatives for SEO.

Unlike some other SEO software tools in the market, getting started with Ahrefs requires a $7 commitment for 7 days trial. Probably, this is one of the reasons why you are actively looking for the best Ahrefs alternatives with free trial.

Yes, seven dollars commitment isn’t a big barrier. However, we all know that the price of advanced SEO tools is not the only thing that matters to most potential buyers. From what I have seen within many different potential buyer segments, a 30-day trial offer that is 100% free is usually more valuable.

Regardless of the industry or niche market, you are working in, Ahrefs pricing might be unaffordable for you at this time. And that prompted the need for other affordable alternatives.

While I don’t know anything about you and your current goals, there is a chance that you belong to either of these groups of potential buyers.

New SEO Tool Buyer: probably, you have looked at Ahrefs’s features and pricing page several times. But then you’ve decided that paying a premium price for SEO tools at this stage in your work or business isn’t the best option. Interestingly, you could have this awareness and hope that other tools will offer you the same or higher value at a cheaper price.

Old Ahrefs User: for many different reasons, people often switch from one SEO tool to the other. In most cases, this is usually related to factors like features, price or customer support.

Whatever your motive is for looking into the best Ahrefs alternatives with free trial, one of the following 20 options below could be a perfect match for your peculiar needs.

In addition to the premium option listed here, you’ll also some other free SEO tools for beginners and everyone else alike.

SE Ranking Review

Search engine optimization has many interesting facets to it. Just as these facets vary from one context to the other, the needs of every individual user looking for the best SEO software tools are rarely the same. While Ahrefs offers its users some powerful features that cover almost all areas of SEO, it is still not the best option for a lot of people. This prompted the addition of SE Ranking as one of the best Ahref alternatives with a free trial.

In practical terms, this one is being sold as an all-in-one SEO software for agencies, freelance experts, and business owners alike. For people that consider features first before pricing, you’ll find an interesting set of features if you end up going for this one.

Ahrefs vs SE Ranking: Beyond what you’ll get from Ahrefs’s rank tracker, SE Ranking will give you keyword ranking data for major search engines other than Google. Using their ranking tracking tool, you’ll be getting insights for Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Youtube.

In addition to this, you’ll also be getting keyword position data down to region and city level. This is an important feature for improving local search engine optimization results.

Maps Tracking: Closely related to this is the SE Ranking feature for maps rank results tracking. People that are specifically working on local SEO projects can use these features to track keyword ranking for multiple locations.

While Ahrefs will give you the option to filter keyword ranking results by locations of interest, you can only get the insights based on the country by country basis.

Paid Ads Rank Tracking: In case you are an SEO agency owner looking for the best all-in-one SEO tool that will serve your search advertising needs as well, SE Ranking features also include the one for tracking paid search Ads position. Based on my experience in paid search, constantly monitoring your Ad position is one of the best ways to improve quality score.

Lead Generator: Still, on the best SEO software comparison, this Ahrefs alternative offers agency owners and freelancers a lead generation tool in the form of an SEO audit widget that can be embedded in your website to convert visitors into leads and clients. In terms of Ahrefs vs SE Ranking comparison, this is an interesting feature that the latter won’t give to you.

Other common features shared by the two competing SEO tools include the following.

  • Website audit
  • Backlink checker
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • SEO reporting

SE Ranking vs Ahrefs Pricing: Unlike Ahrefs that requires $99, SE Ranking price starts at $39/month. In addition to this, you’ll get a 100% free 14 trials as opposed to Ahrefs which costs $7 for a 7-day trial. To compare some other features and pricing plans of these tools as well as what is included in each plan, you can follow the appropriate links in this post.

Overall, Ahrefs is known to be the #1 for all things link building. On the other hand, SE Ranking occupies a high position as one of the best all-in-one SEO tools with a free trial. Interestingly, these guys claim to have over 300,000 users.

SEMRush Review

In many different SEO circles, both SEMRush and Ahrefs seem to be the oldest and most popular names around. However, you and I know that popularity is not the same quality. Talking about features, both of these search engine optimization tools have great features that have a high chance of meeting all your needs. But in the end, most people will consider price as well as what is being offered in each pricing plan.

Founded around 2008, SEMRush now has around 700 employees working to serve the needs of marketers and businesses around the world. From their stable, you can find up to 44 SEO tools that will help you to do specific things. These are some of the reasons why I have included this competing tool as one of the best Ahrefs alternatives with free trial.

Ahrefs vs SEMRush

Assuming you are specifically interested in buying an all-in-one SEO software that offers more than a search engine optimization toolset, SEMRush is a good alternative worth considering. In this specific regard, SEMRush offers more than what you’ll get from Ahrefs. From SEO to advertising, social media, and content marketing, you’ll get them all.

Rank Tracking: If you are asking the question of what is the difference between Ahrefs vs SEMRush, the rank tracking feature is one of them. While Ahrefs tracks organic search results only, this competitor gives you the ability to track paid search results as well.

Another interesting feature is the multilingual campaign tracking for people doing multilingual SEO across different languages. In addition to this, you can get keyword ranking insights down to specific cities or towns you are targeting.

Interestingly, some of the core SERP features you can track with Ahrefs includes featured snippets, sitelinks, top stories, knowledge card, knowledge panel, videos and Google shopping results.

Keyword Research: Looking at this specific SEO software comparison, both of them have impressive keyword research tools. For me, I have used all of them. And from my experience, Ahrefs offers more depth with great filters like clicks per search, search volume, keyword difficulty, newly discovered keywords and word count. With this word count filter feature, you can select long-tail keywords that usually have 3 – 5 keywords or more.

Moreover, you can turn your keyword research to focus on questions only. This feature sets Ahrefs apart in terms of overall SEO tool comparison.

In any niche of your choice, you can focus your search engine optimization efforts on real questions that people are asking within search engines like Google, Bing, Youtube, Amazon, Baidu and others.

Again, if you are doing multilingual SEO, using SEMRush as Ahrefs alternative will give you access to keyword data in 16 different languages that are mostly non-English.

However, you should note that it is the SEMRush pricing plan you buy that will determine what you’ll get.

Competitor Analysis: The site explorer feature of Ahrefs and the traffic analysis feature of SEMRush does pretty much the same thing. These tools will give you insight into any domain name of your choice. As one of the best alternatives to Ahreffs, SEMRush will give you deeper competitor traffic insight looking into their specific traffic sources like organic search, direct, referral and paid sources.

In comparison, Ahrefs’s site explorer will also give you insight into paid traffic sources, but it is limited to paid search. If your company has an international focus, like most SaaS businesses, you can use the traffic analysis feature of SEMRush to see your competitor’s top and low-performance countries in terms of traffic volume.

Backlinks: We all know that link building is one of the most influential SEO rankings factors. Hence, some people like you are constantly looking for the best link-building tool to make their work effective.

In terms of backlinks, both of these tools offer almost the same thing. However, Ahrefs is one step ahead with the new/lost referring domains and backlinks. With this feature, you can leverage advanced link reclamation to key your search engine ranking on point.

With this same feature, you can also gain the ability to monitor your competitor’s link building strategy to see where and how they are gaining new quality backlinks to boost their SEO score. At the time of this writing, SEMRush doesn’t have a broken link analysis feature.

If you want to discover what is possible with broken link analysis, check this ultimate guide to broken link building. From what I have seen, this is one of the best ways to build powerful backlinks that move the needle.

Ahrefs vs SEMRush Pricing: First things first, you need to pay $7 for you to try Ahrefs for 7 days. Comparatively, you can get a 7, 14 or 30-day SEMRush free trial depending on the sources you are signing up from. The starter plan on both tools are priced at $99, but the next Ahrefs price is $179 while this other competitor is $199.

Overall, SEMRush is better as an all-in-one SEO tool. Depending on the plan you buy, you’ll also have the opportunity of getting their technically on-page optimization insights and recommendations for any website you are working on. The most interesting thing I love about this is how it shows the exact things that need to be done to increase your website traffic.

However, if keyword research and link building are the most important priorities for you, Ahrefs might be your best option. After all, the prices seem to be the same.

SERPStat Review

Whether you are a new potential buyer of SEO tools or an old user of Ahrefs, SERPStat is another great alternative that could meet all the specific needs you have in mind now. Even though it is not so popular, it has some great features worth considering. In terms of affordability, SERPStat pricing is cheaper than Ahrefs. But then, we all know that the price of search engine optimization software is not the only thing that matters to most people.

Ahrefs vs Serpstat

Just like SE Ranking and SEMRush, SERPStat is also positioned in the marketplace as an all-in-one SEO software that is slightly cheaper than many competing alternatives, including Ahrefs. Besides, being an affordable cheap Ahrefs alternative, this competitor has so many things going for it. Let’s look at some of the core differentiators below.

SEO Rank Tracking: Expectedly, both of them have ranking tracking tools. However, what you get from each tool and pricing plan is usually different.

First, SERPStat pricing allows you to get started with $69 as opposed to a $99 lite plan you’ll from Ahrefs. In their starter plan, you’ll be able to track up to 15,000 keywords vs 500 keywords you can track per month. In essence,

SERPStat provides the features to track the higher number of keywords at a cheaper price.
Another core difference is mobile rank tracking. While both of them offer mobile rank tracking, SERPStat offers this feature in all pricing plans but you need the advanced Ahrefs pricing plan which starts at $399 for you to use their mobile rank tracking feature.

This Ahrefs alternative also leads one step ahead by giving all users in every plan the ability to track an unlimited number of domains.

Backlinks Analysis: Again, these competing SEO tools provide great backlink analysis tools. However, what you get from each tool or plan differs a lot. With SERPStat, you can run up to 500 domain-specific queries per day, while this other competitor allows users to analyze only 25 domains per day.

Looking at their starter plans, I have already told you which one is cheaper. Especially for SEO backlink analysis, this cheaper option that starts at $69 offers 6 million exportable rows per month while the other one that starts at $99 offers 3 million rows per month.

Comparatively, the major feature that sets Ahrefs apart in terms of backlink analysis is the new/lost backlink alerts. However, you need to have higher plans to start getting these alerts on a weekly or daily basis.

As a useful tool, you can use this feature to monitor where and when your websites are losing links, this will prompt you to take prompt replacement actions.

Finding Keywords: Keyword research one of the key components of effective search engine optimization. Based on my experience and findings from these two SEO tools, both of them do pretty much the same when it comes to keyword research. But on a deeper level, I found out there is something that SERPStat refers to as page relevance score. This feature helps to measure the close relevance of a page to specific keywords in comparison to top-ranking pages for that keyword.

With this metric, a lower score often means that you need to do more optimization work on your pages to improve the ranking and traffic potential in comparison to the competitor page.

Other than this single feature, these tools offer the same value when you think about things like long tail keyword analysis and relevant questions.

The main difference is that SERPStat starter plan allows users to get up to 10,000 results per report while Ahrefs which is more expensive offers 1000 results only. In case you want to see search volume trend for a particular keyword over a specified period like one year, you can do that with SERPStat.

Other SERPStat Features

  • Advertising analysis
  • Content ideation
  • Team management
  • White labeling
  • Website audit
  • API access

Ahrefs vs SERPStat Pricing: Once again, you need to pay $7 to try Ahrefs for 7 days, but this other one gives users 100% free trial plan. The difference between their starter plans is about $69 vs $99 while the enterprise plan is $999 for Ahrefs vs $499. Please note that these are monthly payment plans.

Probably, you may want to follow the links here to sign up for both of them to test and experience the core differences. This will make it easier to understand what is better for your current needs.

Moz Pro Review

One trend I have seen repeatedly over the years is that most of the best-advanced SEO tools are offered as all in one. Interestingly, Moz is one of the most popular brand names that has been on the scene for a long time now. As an all-in-one search engine optimization software, Moz Pro has been proven to be a reliable Ahrefs alternative for many agencies, SEO freelancers, affiliate marketers and business owners alike. Let’s get into a comparative overview.

Moz Pro vs Ahrefs

First of all, Moz Pro offers all potential buyers 100% free 30-day trial. For many people, this is better than this other competitor that demands a $7 commitment for a 7-day trial. Except for this entry price variations, some other differences exist between them when you think of Ahrefs vs Moz Pro comparison. For example, Moz has some special packages or tools meant for local search marketing. But before we get to that, let’s look into the core features.

Website SEO Audit: Before getting into any SEO project, it is very important to carry out a detailed search engine optimization audit. Fortunately, both of these tools offer features for doing this.

Unfortunately, you cannot do a normal site audit with Ahrefs 7-day trial, you need the $99 starter plan for this. But if you sign up for Moz Pro free 30-day trial, you can do some audits with it. With each of these tools, you can schedule weekly or monthly audits, but Ahrefs won’t send prompt alerts when new issues arise, just like Moz does. You have to log in and check on updated reports.

SEO Rank Tracker: While you are at it, measuring the outcome of your search engine optimization strategies is something that you can’t just ignore.

Starting at $99 per month, Moz Pro will help you to track the ranking of around 300 keywords which is lower than 500 keywords supported by Ahrefs. For both of them, their starter plans have the same price. However, Moz Pro pricing includes mobile rank tracking in all plans while you need the advanced $399 plan to get mobile ranking data from Ahrefs.

In the case that mobile search ranking is important to you, especially in local SEO settings where most search queries lead to a phone call or offline visit within 24 hours, Moz Pro could be better for you.

Here is one of the specific reasons why I have included Moz Pro as a cheap Ahrefs alternative with free trial.

On-Page SEO: On-page search engine optimization is one of the key areas where Moz leads head. Using their page optimization score which could be high or low, you’ll start getting insights on the specific pages with the greatest potential for profitable improvement.

In addition to this, Moz Pro pricing plans give its users, specific on-page recommendations that are tightly related to your target keywords. Within this specific context, even people looking into the best SEO tools for beginners will find it very helpful. From what I have seen, you may not need to hire expensive experts to identify what needs to be done.

Backlink Research: Building backlinks without real data is like driving blind in a crowded street. To help maximize results from your best efforts, this great alternative will make it easier to explore competitor backlinks with ease. But from my experience and that of others, Ahrefs seems to be the best link building tool around. Their new, lost and broken link analysis and alert features proved very useful when I was working for a client in the mobile phone services niche in Colorado, USA.

In other words, if link building is your singular most important consideration, Ahrefs might be your best option at this time.

Local Search Marketing: If you are working specifically to increase local search ranking for your business or clients, Moz Local offers more than what you’ll get from other competing alternatives. Using this suite, you can start making improvement in the following ways –

  • Location data management
  • Automated duplicated deletion
  • Real-time profile management
  • Data cleansing
  • Review management
  • Activity feed notification.

Now, you can see why Moz is positioned as one of the best all-in-one search engine optimization software tools in the market.

Ahrefs vs Moz Pro Pricing: From all indications, Moz Pro pricing is cheaper than Ahrefs in terms of the value you’ll get. For example, the starter plans have the same price but the third pricing plan is $249 vs $399 for Ahrefs. Based on my findings, from other experienced users of SEO tools, Moz is usually preferred by agency owners. With Moz, it is easier to manage everything in one place.

Long Tail Pro Review

Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research tool built and sold by Spencer Haws of NichePursuits. It is best known for finding long-tail keywords with lower SERP competition that will make it easier to rank on the first page of Google and others.

Practically, it works pretty much like others. However, the core difference is that it is very likely to give you a high number of keyword output for a lower price. If you are an affiliate niche site builder or just an individual SEO expert who is more interested in keyword research, this could the best cheap Ahrefs alternative you are looking for.

Long Tail Pro vs Ahrefs

Using this tool, you can get up to 800 keyword queries per day, unlike Ahrefs that will limit you at 25 keywords per day. When the results are returned, it includes every keyword metric you’ll find in some of the most popular tools. But the interesting thing is that this one starts at $37 per month. The only downside is that they don’t offer any free trial at all.

Keyword Rank Tracking: Depending on whether you buy the starter, pro or agency plan, this tool will offer you 30, 200 and 1000 keywords tracking respectively. The agency plan, in this case, is just about $98 while the lite plan in Ahrefs offers only 500 keywords at $99.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that the ranking data will be updated daily while you need higher-priced plans to get daily ranking updated from this other competitor.

Competition Analysis: Again, depending on the plan you buy, you’ll have the features to conduct a competitive analysis of 800, 2500 and 6000 SERPs every 24 hours. This will help you to get real-time insights into the ranking strengths of these competitors and use the same to direct your SEO strategy.

Long Tail Pro University: Even though this is not a product feature, if you want to get advanced insights into long-tail keyword research and how to use them, their training program could be very helpful. The interesting thing is that you can’t find this content somewhere else unless you buy their product. To get a higher discount, you may consider going for the annual plans.


As you can see from the brief SEO software reviews above, Ahrefs is not the only game in town. Probably, your awareness of the above-stated fact led you into the current search for the best Ahrefs alternatives with free trial. The most interesting thing is that whatever the specific feature you wanted in Ahrefs can be found in most of these other all-in-one SEO tools.

Moreover, you can try some of these important features that are relevant to your current needs before migrating into paid plans. This will give a better experience is what is possible with the premium plans. With that, you can make your comparison wherever it is necessary.

Besides the specific features that will help you to accomplish certain goals, the price is another important factor. To make it easier for you, I have given a comparative view of what you’ll get from each tool.

If you observed very well, you’ll understand that most of these products are cheap alternatives to Ahrefs. From rank tracking to backlink analysis, you’ll find good examples of what I mean when you look at the options reviewed in the preceding paragraphs. To make the best purchase decision, consider signing with your best two options with a free trial. Then use them and make your comparison.

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