Best Ecommerce Email Marketing Software Comparison 

Narrowing down your search for the best ecommerce email marketing software comparison often proves helpful in one specific way. You’ll gain a better understanding of the core differences while taking your current need into account. 

Perhaps, merely asking what is better in terms of Klaviyo vs OmniSend comparison won’t get you to where you want to arrive. 

And here is my reason for saying that. 

What is better for user A might not be the same for user B. Just pause for now and think about typical user roles like ecommerce marketing agency owners working for clients, medium-sized ecommerce business owners and ecommerce marketing managers within other companies. 

Looking at this spectrum of eCommerce email marketing software users, you’ll see needs and priorities are likely to be different. While some are more interested in robust feature sets, others consider affordability first. Hence, the use of this search term ‘’email marketing software price comparison. 

Moreover, another spectrum of users might consider on-demand, real-time support as a top priority. Interestingly, these are just some of the reasons why many people often switch from one ecommerce email marketing platform to the other. 

Benefits of Ecommerce Email Marketing 

Before we get into a detailed Klaviyo vs OmniSend comparison, below are the benefits of ecommerce email marketing you’ll experience when you begin to deploy one. 

1. Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned shopping cart recovery email is one of the best ways to increase ecommerce sales and revenue. While this seems to be common knowledge for everyone, the software you use and how you do it determines the level of success you’ll experience in this regard. Fortunately, both OmniSend and Klaviyo have great features to help you start growing ecommerce revenue through shopping cart recovery emails.  

2. Segmentation And Personalization 

Even within a group of 100 or 1000 shoppers that abandoned their cart over a specified period of time, there is a great possibility of finding interesting segments. In this case, ecommerce email segmentation helps marketers to personalize their messages to make it more effective and profitable. This is better than trying to fit every potential buyer into the same size. 

3. Repetitive Traffic Generation

Dependence on paid traffic sources like Google Ads and Facebook Ads has one big limitation – your growth will always be limited to the size of your advertising budget.

That means the traffic volume you can buy will be proportional to the amount of money you can spend on ecommerce advertising. Unlike paid traffic sources, getting a percentage of your email list to revisit and buy from you tends to be repetitive.

And you don’t have to spend additional money for every single visitor coming from your ecommerce email campaigns. This is why email marketing ROI is reported to be something like $38 for every $1 spent on it. 

4. Great Upsell And Cross-Selling Opportunities 

Ecommerce upselling and crossing are other proven ways to grow revenue. But then you don’t have to depend on your limited website visitors.

When someone buys from your store, that becomes a great proof of trust in your brand. That trust, in turn, becomes a great opportunity to upsell your previous buyers. Based on the fact that you don’t have to spend additional customer acquisition costs on your recent buyers, upselling and cross-selling to them usually delivers impressive ROI. 

Klaviyo vs OmniSend Comparison: The Features

In simple terms, these competing MailChimp alternatives describe themselves as ecommerce email marketing platforms. Having been around for a while and serving tens of thousands of customers at the same time, these platforms have proven to have great features worth paying for. 

In the following sections, we’ll be looking into some of those specific features. But here something I want you to note, going forward. Even when the features are similar or exactly the same, the pricing plans containing those features and the level of usage allowed in each plan are rarely the same. 

This is something you have to keep in mind while going through this email marketing software buying guide. Now let’s move on. 

Ecommerce Email Marketing Automation 

Thinking about Klaviyo vs OmniSend comparison, email marketing automation is one of the key things you’ll get from both of them. The software capabilities built into these platforms could help you set your campaigns on autopilot. And that means you could be growing your ecommerce sales even when you are asleep or on vacation. 

First, there are automated workflows that start right from your website. And secondly, there are the automation workflows that are set to work specifically for previous buyers or email list subscribers. 

Interestingly, these platforms have great customer profiling features that will enable you to start automating things in this regard. 

However, some of the differences lie in the following factors –

  • Pre-Build Email Templates – while OmniSend has their own email automation templates, Klaviyo leads one step ahead with ready templates for welcome series, automated win back and abandoned cart email templates
  • Customer Engagement Channels – looking at these email marketing software comparisons beyond email and SMS, OmniSend will help you to profile and engage customers through extra channels like Facebook Messenger and Push Notifications. This is one of the core differences between OmniSend vs Klaviyo. 
  • Discount Code Promotion – as part of their ecommerce marketing automation capabilities, OmniSend also offers users the opportunity to promote discount offers whenever they like. Here is one of the features I couldn’t find mentioned on Klaviyo at this time of this writing. 

Email Segmentation And Personalization 

Segmentation is another important feature you should consider when looking into the best ecommerce email marketing software price comparison. Like I noted earlier, one size never fits all. Hence, it is better to base your decisions on real data instead of assumptions. 

A careful look into OmniSend vs Klaviyo features showed that both of them offer robust segmentation capabilities. Closely related to this is the feature for personalizing your promotional messages based customer segments. 

Irrespective of the language used, these two competing email marketing platforms will let you segment your campaigns based variables like – 

  1. Shopping behavior
  2. Customer profile data
  3. Email list subscription

However, OmniSend leads one step ahead by enabling users to run Google Retargeting Ads using some interesting data sets. On the other hand, both of them work with Facebook Custom Audiences. 

Unlike OmniSend through, Klaviyo features will let you build and test as many segments as you like. There is literally no limit to the number of segments build. 

Email A/B Testing 

As some of the best ecommerce email marketing platforms in the market, both OmniSend and Klaviyo have great A/B testing capabilities. But the interesting thing is this, how this feature works, and how it is priced has slight differences. 

For example, while OmniSend lets you test sender name and subject lines, Klaviyo features take it further by enabling you to test send time, content, call to action (CTA), and even button color. Their robust and intuitive email campaign builder makes all that possible. 

Now if email marketing split testing is important to you and your team, Klaviyo seems to be better in this regard. Remember what I said earlier, what seems to be better for user A might not be the same for user B. 

Ecommerce Cross-Selling 

Whether you have experienced the benefits of ecommerce cross-selling or not, it is one of the best ways to increase sales and revenue from the same traffic volume. First, it starts with a cross-selling automation workflow. And then goes through an email marketing campaign.

In simple terms, this feature of an ecommerce marketing platform helps users to recommend tightly related products to customers during and after purchase. 

Based on what I found, OmniSend has more robust ecommerce cross-selling automation capabilities than Klaviyo. 

Now if you sign up for the OmniSend free trial, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the benefits of cross-selling before going for the paid version. Done very well, this will help you to increase not just sales and revenue, but ecommerce marketing ROI.

Hence, it costs significantly less amount of money to sell more to recent and older customers through an automated email marketing campaign. 

Email Marketing Platform Integration 

How well your email marketing software integrates with other platforms is an important factor worth considering before you buy into one. Talking about Klaviyo vs OmniSend comparison, there doesn’t seem to be many differences between them. 

But first, you have to consider the exact ecommerce platform and marketing or other tools you are currently using to run your business. 

Done very well, a deeper integration will help you gain more customer insights and discover interesting personalization possibilities. Besides the standard integration options available in their respective directories, Klaviyo will give you access to work out customized system integration through their API.

Some of the major ecommerce platforms you can integrate with Klaviyo or OmniSend include – 

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Big Commerce
  • Prestashop
  • OpenCart
  • Volusion 

However, if your business is centered around things like affiliate marketing, mobile apps, payments, CRM, data management, shipping, and customer support, you’ll find some other interesting use cases. Again, what you choose will depend on the nature of your business and current needs. 

Klaviyo vs OmniSend Pricing Comparison 

For most people, price is hardly a top priority when it comes to buying SaaS products like ecommerce email marketing software. Whatever your top priority is, we’ll be looking into those salient factors that influence the price of email marketing tools. 

In practical terms, these clarifications will help you think through OmniSend vs Klaviyo vs price comparison. 

Free Trial Plan -While this may not influence the price of Klaviyo or OmniSend directly, the way they are offered seems to be different. Starting from zero, Klaviyo free tier will only allow you to serve 250 contacts with 500 limited email sends per month. 

Based on my experience, this free tier doesn’t seem to expire or have limited durations. 

Interestingly, you’ll have access to all their platform features including pre-built email automation templates, email A/B testing, segmentation, social media advertising integration, and ROI based reporting. 

OmniSend free trial plan, on the other hand, will enable any new user to serve up to 15,000 contacts with a maximum of 2,000 emails per day. 

But then if you want to experience the features and capabilities of their email marketing platform, you’ll need to move to their premium plans which start at $16 per month. 

Moreover, their free trial plan is limited to 14 days only. This is one of the key differences between Klaviyo and OmniSend. 

Email List Size – Looking at some of the best email marketing software tools, list size, or the number of contacts is a big variable that often influences the price that users have to pay per month. At this point, you probably have a clear idea about the size of the email list you might be migrating to any of these platforms if you end up buying one. 

Across their two main premium plans, OmniSend limits the service to 15,000 contacts only. These two plans are priced at $16 and $99 per month respectively. 

In this case, only the $99 or custom plan will give you access to all the features of their platform. 

Contrary to this, Klaviyo price for the same 15,000 contacts requires a $350 per month subscription and you can send unlimited emails. Again, you’ll have access to all the premium features on their platform. 

These are the major differences you should consider while keeping the size of your email list in focus. If unlimited emails are a top priority for you, this might be your best option. 

Remember, you can sign for their free tier and test the full feature sets with a small email list before going full scale with a bigger list. 

Email List Segmentation – As some of the best MailChimp alternatives, these tools being compared here all come with great email segmentation features. However, how they are offered and priced are not the same. 

This is another important point you should take away from this Klaviyo vs OmniSend comparison. Through their standard, pro, and custom plans, OmniSend will allow you to have 20, 50, and 200 email segments. Remember, you can test this and other features with OmniSend free trial. 

Klaviyo pricing plans will give you full access to their segmentation features for creating and marketing to unlimited segments. But you have to pay the price depending on your list size. 

For example, if you have up to 10,000 emails total, prepare to pay $150 per month. However, you can sign up for their free tier to experience all these features before moving to a premium paid plan. 

Advertising Platform Integration – Depending on the nature and size of your business, this may or may not matter to you at all. This feature is all about sharing useful data sets to increase both the effectiveness and ROI of your email marketing campaigns. 

Both of them are well integrated to work with Facebook Custom audiences. But OmniSend leads with an extra point for Google Customer Match. 

Assuming this is an important feature for you, you’ll need the $99 per month plan to have full access to that. As for Klaviyo pricing, this doesn’t change the amount you have to pay beyond the list size. 

Besides these major influential factors, there are some others that often matter from one potential buying context to the other. For example, while live chat and email support seem to be available on all plans at Klaviyo, the price tends to be higher than what you’ll pay for OmniSend’s premium plans that offer such support. 

Best Ecommerce Email Marketing Software: The FAQs

How do I use Klaviyo in Shopify?

First, you need a new account. You can sign up for a new Klaviyo free trial account using this link. After that, follow this guide on how to start testing the features in that plan and integrating it into your ecommerce platform. 

What is better than MailChimp?

The first thing you have to note is that these tools compared here are positioned specifically for ecommerce email marketing. If that is the exact use you have in mind, then you should go through the comparative points and decide what is better for your business. In this regard, both Kalviyo and OmniSend seem to be better than MailChimp. 

Does Klaviyo have landing pages?

At the time of this writing, Klaviyo doesn’t seem to have landing pages. But this is a feature you’ll find on both the premium and OmniSend free trial plans. 

What is the best email marketing app for Shopify?

You can start with either of the tools compared in this email marketing software buying guide. In addition to that, some of the best Shopify email marketing apps include SmartMail, Mailerlite, Active Campaign, and Drip. 

How can I send mass emails to customers? 

Sending mass emails to existing customers is easy. You can start with any of the platforms reviewed in this post. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend any money at first. Signing up for a free trial will let you test some of the most important features. 

What is OmniSend price?

OmniSend price goes for $16 and $99 per month for the standard and pro plans. However, if you need to serve more than 15,000 contacts per month, you have to go for custom plans. 

Is OmniSend better than MailChimp? 

For ecommerce email marketing, yes. They have robust automation workflows that are easy to use with pre-built templates. But if you need a general kind of marketing platform with a wide range of features and product suites, MailChimp is worth considering. 

What are the best Klaviyo alternatives? 

If you are looking for cheap Klaviyo alternative, check the options below – 

  1. Sharp Spring
  2. Active Campaign
  3. Get Response
  4. Drip
  5. ConvertKit
  6. OmniSend
  7. MailChimp
  8. Campaign Monitor
  9. Sendlane
  10. Mailerlite


More than anything else, the size of your list should be taken into account when looking into the best ecommerce email marketing software comparison. As you have seen in this buying guide, list size influences the price to a very large extent. 

Price aside, the nature of your business as well as current needs ought to be considered properly before buying into any of these tools. 

In practical terms, it is the exact features contained in the pricing plan you buy that determine the level of effectiveness and benefits you’ll experience. Fortunately, great platforms will allow you to test all their premium features without subscribing to a premium plan first. You can sign up for a free trial here to experience what I am talking about. 

OmniSend, on the other hand, seems to be cheaper when you compare list sizes and other important features too. 

At this point, the specific factors clarified in this post should help you make a proper Klaviyo vs OmniSend comparison. Go sign up for one and start exploring the real benefits currently being enjoyed by tens of thousands of other users. 

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