Best Hotjar Alternatives For Conversion Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is one of those rare strategies that often deliver good marketing ROI every time. To experience the full benefits, reading through the best Hotjar alternatives will help you discover the perfect matching tool for your current needs.

Besides conversion optimization, Hotjar can also be used as a web session recording software and heat mapping tool. These things help marketers as well as product managers and designers to make intelligent decisions instead of having to rely on guesswork.

But what if you have used Hotjar before and you have a reason to look for an affordable alternative?

We’ve got your back in this heat map software comparison post. However, there is one thing you have to keep in mind. It is not only affordability that makes one software product to be the best for certain users and not the same for others.

Perhaps, you have specific goals you are hoping to achieve or a problem you want to solve just like others.
These are some of the reasons why the specific needs of every potential buyer differ from one context to the other. Whether you are intending to buy for your team or personal use, it is important to keep in view the specific features that matter most to you and why you are buying in the first place.

Doing this will enable you to make your comparison of the best cheap Hotjar alternatives in a way that will prove helpful at the end of this post.

How To Choose Heatmap And Session Recording Software

First things first, you may want to skip this session if you are an experienced user different heat map tools that had existed in the market for some time now. Wherever you may belong in the spectrum, it is also important to acknowledge that no software product is ever perfect.

Having said that, let’s look at some of the specific things that will guide your comparison. Keep these factors in mind while you are comparing those other alternatives to Hotjar.

These things will help you to spot the differences that exist between them.

Page View Count – this is usually dependent on the volume of website traffic you are getting per day or month. From one pricing plan to the other, most of these tools will have limits on how many website visitors or page views they can serve at a time. A higher page view indicates a higher volume of website visitors which will require higher pricing plans in most cases.

In this context, you cannot compare a website that attracts under 20,000 visitors per month and the one that gets over 200,000 visitors per month.

Data Storage Duration – depending on your type of business and intended use cases, how long your analytics data will be stored also differ from one tool to the other, just like the related differences in pricing plans. The question is how long do you want your data to be stored for analytics and conversion rate optimization?

Recordings Per Month – how many websites session recording will each subscription plan offered by these Hotjar alternatives allow you to make? For most users, I have seen this will be dependent on your business size, website traffic volume and intended use cases.

Free Trial Plan – regardless of business size, you may want to sign up and test some of these heat mapping software tools with a subset of your website traffic volume. Doing this with the two most appealing alternatives to Hotjar will give you a better idea of what could be a perfect match for your current needs. Duration aside, it is also important to compare the features contained within each of the free trial plans across these platforms.

Team Access – if you are buying for your team, do not forget to get clarity about the number of users that will be allowed in the subscription plan you want to buy. Some of these tools may have limited user seats per plan while it is unlimited in some. Where this is not specified, consider asking the provider to avoid wasting time and regret.

Customer Support – can I get timely support via live chat or phone when it is needed? That’s what I do consider when buying into a SaaS product. Patronizing a provider with customer support live chat might give you timely support through video calls and screen sharing when you need it.

From here to any of the tools that appeal most to you, these are the most important factors you should be comparing when you want free trial first or the premium paid plans.

Best Hotjar Alternatives For Growing Conversion Rate

Assuming you have what it will take to deeply any of these tools properly, a single-digit percentage increase in conversion rate could mean a lot in your business. And the most interesting part is – the ROI benefits are hardly comparable to the price of Hotjar and most of these tools. Let’s check them out.


Though It may not be ranked high enough in terms of popularity, SmartLook is one of the best Hotjar alternatives for conversion funnel optimization. Besides being affordable, it comes with a great feature set that provides actional insights. With this tool, you can upgrade your decision-making process to a higher level of efficiency and profitability.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can also use their tools to leverage deep mobile app analytics for user acquisition and engagement. If your SaaS product has a mobile app, for instance, there won’t be any need for buying into a separate mobile analytics platform.

Hotjar vs SmartLook Comparison

One of the core differences between Hotjar and this alternative is what they call always-on recording. With this feature, you can be able to record almost every visitor to your website. Based on your specific analytics needs, you’ll have over 30 different filters to drill down and analyze visitor sessions from a certain city or page URL.

From there you can leverage the insights provided to get unique conversion rate optimization ideas and then launch smart experiments for getting better results.

Through conversion funnel recording and analytics, you’ll be able to see the exact points where prospects are dropping off repeatedly.

Hotjar does the same thing but a slightly different way. Based on the current SmartLook pricing plans, you’ll have the options to choose from 2, 4 and unlimited team usage access. As noted earlier, this is something you have to consider in addition to the number of team members you are working with.

If you go for SmartLook, you sure of getting prompt support through email and live chat.

As for Hotjar, the number of team members allowed in each pricing plan is not stipulated, so you have to find out before moving to a paid subscription plan.

SmartLook Features

  • Always on recording
  • Funnel analytics
  • Heatmaps
  • Session recording
  • Supports ajax
  • Event manager
  • Event merging
  • Team user access
  • Exportable graphs

SmartLook Pricing Plans

Pricing is one way that SmartLook differs from Hotjar. This also means that what is obtainable from each pricing plan offered by these tools is rarely the same. As one of the best cheap Hotjar alternatives, you can start with $39 per month on their basic plan. The other single plan goes for $99 per month which is meant to serve 25,000 website visitors per month.

Before you move away from this page, I want you to take note of the fact that most of these conversion rate optimization tools do update both their product features and pricing from time to time.


Stop guessing what your visitors want. That’s how the first line reads on their website. Like many other tools in the same category, Inspectlet was built to help users take the guesswork out of their conversion rate optimization campaigns.

Among other things, this Hotjar alternative has an impressive user interface that makes it easy for anybody with varying skill levels to understand the data.

At the time of this writing, Inspectlet is used by over 90,000 different companies including Segment, Salesforce and Cisco.

Given the facts above, you can be sure that this heat map software tool can serve both individual and business team needs. Now, if you have been looking into the best heat map software for marketing teams, this is a great option worth giving a try.

Inspectlet vs Hotjar Comparison

I don’t know anything about your level of experience in using this type of software tool. However, if getting prompt support is one of your top priorities, Inspectlet has got you covered on that through live chat and phone support. As for Hotjar, you need high-end plans before you can ask for and get what they call ‘priority support’.

One other thing I found people mentioning repeatedly through many other Inspectlet reviews is the ease of integration. From the experiences of other people that have used both tools, Inspectlet is relatively easier to set up and integrate with other relevant tools you use.

Through their intuitive user interface, it is also easier to run A/B testing experiments with the insights derived from conversion funnel analytics. But just how important can A/B testing be in a conversion funnel?

More than just answering a one-off question or settling a disagreement, AB testing can be used consistently to continually improve a given experience, improving a single goal like conversion rate over time. – Optimizely

If your website makes frequent use of dynamic pages, Inspectlet has been confirmed to work well with that in most cases. Here I am talking about extensive javascript driven web pages.

Whether you are interested in eye-tracking heatmaps, click heatmap or scroll heatmap, you can get them all from this tool. The price can be affordable too. However, it is always dependent on your team size, the number of websites and website traffic volume.

Inspectlet Features

  • Dynamic heatmap
  • Web session recording
  • One-year data storage
  • Playback session recording
  • Dynamic site compatibility
  • Downloadable session recording
  • In-page form analytics
  • Conversion funnel analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Phone and email support

Inspectlet Pricing Plans

First of all, you’ll get a 100% free plan that doesn’t require subscription payment at any point in time. This plan will allow you to get up to 1000 session recordings from 10,000 page views per month.

If you have tested the tool enough and feel you need the higher Inspectlet pricing plans, you’ll have the options to choose from $39, $79, $149, $299 and $499 per month plans.

While Hotjar offers pretty much the same thing, their basic business plan starts from $89 and goes up to $989 per month. The only difference is that their page views are counted per day, not a month like many other competitors.
Before you commit to any subscription plan, don’t forget to confirm the number of websites or team member that will be allowed in that specific heat map software pricing plan.


Here is one of the oldest names that have been in this market for a while now. Judging from the fact that they are currently serving around 165,000 customers from around the world, you can bet that their product is among the best Hotjar alternatives with your reach.

Having been around for enough time and to be serving this customer base is one interesting proof that their product suite delivers great value.

For people intending to buy web session recording software for the first time, spending a little time watching Mouseflow demo videos could help you get started in no time. This better than merely signing up for a free trial and struggling to figure out everything on your own.

Mouseflow vs Hotjar Comparison

In terms of heat mapping, these competing alternatives offer almost the same thing. However, Mouseflow leads one step ahead with geo heatmaps. This feature enables its users to segment website visitors by location and then drill down to get more insights on how to allocate resources and improve conversion rates.

Moreover, another interesting difference between Hotjar vs Mouseflow is the ability to download and export session recordings. Now think about your intended use cases and see if this matter to you at all.

At the time of this writing, I searched very well on Hotjar pricing page and through their entire website but couldn’t find anything about API access. In case you are one of those advanced users that may need access to a heat mapping software API to accomplish your specific goals, Mouseflow could be a perfect Hotjar alternative for you.

Assuming you end up going for Mouseflow, you’ll have the benefit of doing your analytics and serving your users with unlimited page views. In essence, you won’t be charged based on page view count.

Besides some of these core differences mentioned above, it is also important to make a thorough comparison of the specific features that matter most to you across different plans from different tools. Think about those factors I highlighted earlier in the section about how to choose heat maps and session recording software.

Mouseflow Features

  • Conversion funnel analytics
  • Form analytics
  • Feedback collection
  • Movement heatmap
  • Click heatmap
  • Geo heatmap
  • Scroll heatmap
  • Exportable heatmaps
  • Custom variable tagging
  • Bug and error tracking
  • API access
  • Multiple websites per account
  • Useful integrations
  • Phone and email support

Mouseflow Pricing Plans

Based on the fact that this Hotjar alternative won’t charge you based on page views per day or month, you should keep in view those features that are most important to you.

For example, think about the differences in Mouseflow pricing plans based on factors like the number of session recording per, number of websites allowed per account, storage duration and the number of team members allowed per account.

Using these factors and the differences to compare Mouseflow and Hotjar pricing plans as well as other specific tools that do the same thing. Meanwhile, the three main Mouseflow pricing plans include $29, $99 and $399 per month. These plans are meant to serve 2,500, 10,000 and 100,000 session recordings per month respectively. Interestingly, you can get Mouseflow free trial on all these plans.

While you are at it, use the same specific factors to dig into the best heatmap software comparison including the ones reviewed in this post.

If you want to see how user behavior affects revenue through your conversion funnel, this is one of the best session replay software tools you can use for that. Looking at its diverse feature set, you can also use LiveSession as an affordable cheap alternative to Hotjar.

Even though it is not occupying a high position in terms of popularity, this tool has the potential to help you and your team accomplish the goal you have in mind. Just like some other similar tools we have reviewed so far, there are slight differences that exist between these tools being reviewed here.

HotJar vs Comparison

If an affordable session replay software is what you need to improve the conversion rate on your website, might just be a perfect Hotjar alternative for you and your team.

Unlike some other tools in the same niche market, this one starts session recording on when a user takes an action. This ensures that you don’t have to spend your session recording software credits on irrelevant events that may be coming from bots.

Thinking about vs Hotjar comparison, the engagement score feature sets this relatively new competitor apart. This feature makes it possible to find and focus on the most relevant sessions that may have high conversion probability in your funnel.

For expert users that care about user identification and segmentation, you’ll get all that in subscription plans.

Interestingly, being able to identify users by name or email makes it possible to personalize your outreach or engagement messages in the way you can’t be able to do in Hotjar.

By leveraging the segmentation feature, this conversion optimization tool will empower you and your team to spot user behavior patterns within specific cohorts. With the insights gained from such deeper analytics, it becomes easier to take prompt actions that will impact both positive user experience as well as conversion rate.

Moreover, people that have a special preference for always-on session recording software will find this Hotjar alternative to be very useful. Features

  • Customer session recording rules
  • User segmentation
  • User identification
  • Engagement score
  • Event tags
  • Always on recording
  • Customer properties
  • Useful integrations
  • Event filter options
  • Session replays Pricing Plans

Looking at some features like form and conversion analytics, Hotjar is a bit more advanced, However, the price may not be affordable for some people especially if you have a website with high traffic volume. In terms of pricing, both of these tools will offer you a 14-day free trial for you to experience the core features before upgrading to a paid plan. pricing starts at $49 and then goes up to $299 per month for 50,000 monthly sessions. Between these plans, you’ll find other options priced at $99 and $199 per month.

The only difference between these tools is that Hotjar fixed their pricing plans based on a daily page view while this alternative uses monthly page views.

On the other hand, the number of websites allowed per plan isn’t clear on Hotjar, but you can see that on ranging from 1 to 10 websites across their 4 specific plans.

Most importantly, don’t forget to check the number of team members allowed in each pricing plan among these session recording software tools.

One of the most impressive things you’ll notice when you get into HeyFlow’s dashboard for the first time is the crisp, clean user interface. Yes, most of these other tools have usable UI but this one is too clean and intuitive to deserve a special mention.

Form and aesthetics aside, this tool has interesting features and pricing plans that could be within your current budget. If you are trying to buy this type of software for the first time, starting with this Hotjar might be helpful because of the ease of having it integrated into other tools you might be using in your business.

Hotjar vs

Based on my findings and the experiences of some other past users, this new competitor in the block is a suitable option for businesses with small traffic volumes.

Regardless of your traffic volume, Heyflow will allow you to have unlimited session replays in their premium plans. This is the major difference between this competing Hotjar alternative.

Moreover, the number of websites allowed in each pricing plan is clearly stated on their website. This is a direct opposite of what you’ll find on Hotjar’s website. However, it isn’t hard to get in touch and ask.

Besides these few factors mentioned above, these tools have pretty much the same features. Features

  • Useful filters
  • Traffic source segmentation
  • Conversion funnel analytics
  • Website heatmaps
  • Session replay
  • Collaborative team accounts

Heyflow Pricing Plans

The pricing plans offered by this software provider is simplified to a great extent. First, you’ll access to the free plan that is meant to serve around 1000 sessions per month. With this trial plan, you don’t have to pay any amount in the future. That means the plan doesn’t have a limited duration like others.

As for the premium plans, you can choose the $29 or $99 per month plan. Based on the fact that their highest plan is meant to serve 150,000 sessions per month, you have to consider your current website traffic volume if you need this tool.

The obvious thing you can do is to contact them and ask for a customized high-end plan. However, it might be helpful to sign up for the free plan and test those features that top priorities for you and your team.

Final Words On The Best Hotjar Alternatives

I don’t know how long you have been in your current role. But here is one fact that is relevant regardless of role, niche market or industry.

The behavior and experience of your website visitors or app users often affect both retention and conversion rate. Another interesting fact worth mentioning at this point is that one size never fits all. Hence, all your potential customers and current users belong to different segments.

The main key takeaway here is that flying blind or relying on assumptions isn’t the best way to get the higher conversion rate you are looking for. This is where user behavior analytics, segmentation and A/B testing comes in. These are some of the things you can do with the tools mentioned here.

Interestingly, Hotjar is a great heatmap and session recording software that has reached a certain level of maturity.

Unfortunately, this is one of the major things that makes it unusable by so many people at different stages in their business.

Besides, there are many other peculiar reasons why many people like are actively looking for the best Hotjar alternatives within their current budget.

Given the fact that it is not only affordability that matters in most software purchase decisions, but it is also important to take into account those comparative factors I have highlighted above. Originally, this is meant to be a bland list of tools.

I believe the points made above will help you compare these tools while considering the features that matter most to you and your team. Remember, signing up for a free trial to test some of these features will be more helpful than reading endless review posts online.

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