Best SEO Tools For Excel

Many people do not know the extent of possibilities that Excel presents in the world of spreadsheets.
You will find a wide range of tools for Excel that can simplify your job and make your life easier.

This is especially true when it comes to search engine optimization. SEO tools for Excel play an important role
by helping you to achieve your business goals.

Effective SEO is everything that you need to keep your website visible and relevant on search engines
like Google. Optimizing your website pages to ensure that structure and content are of quality gives
your site the opportunity to perform better in search engines. Quality optimization is the catalyst that
leads to your web pages ranking higher in SERPs. SEO has the sole objective of expanding the reach that
your business, as well as brand and offerings, have. This in turn puts you on the path to generating more

Excel SEO tool comparison

If you wish to run various forms of data analysis for SEO, Microsoft Excel comes in handy. On the
market, you will find many SEO tools for browsers. There are lots of comparisons online involving Ahrefs
vs SemRush, and more tools. However, not all of them can be integrated with Excel directly. This is the
reason that special search engine optimization tools or extensions are necessary. These SEO add-ins link
the calculations on Excel spreadsheet to the tool. Check out some of the best SEO tools for Excel on the

● SEO Tools for Excel

Topping the list is SEO Tools by the widely renowned Niels Bozma. This is arguably the leader in the
game. All digital marketing gurus that download stuff related to excel should endeavor to
explore this tool.

The installation process is easy and the add-on is free. It comes with a wide
range of SEO utilities as well as scraping tools that integrate seamlessly with your ribbon. You'll
find both off-site & on-site lookups which supply you with meta descriptions, Link Count, as well
as PageRank and keywords.

The SEO Tools add-on rightfully earned its place as one of the top search engine optimization tools for
Excel. You can easily integrate your Majestic SEO as well as SEOlytics accounts with Excel using
this tool. Importing your data directly isn’t a problem. With these API plugins, you save a lot of
valuable time getting your data into a pre-formatted spreadsheet.

One feature that we particularly fancy about SEO Tools is its Google Analytics extension. This feature lets
you import visitors data, AdWords data, as well as traffic source data, and a plethora of other
important information into Excel.

● URL Tools

Next on our list of SEO tool comparison for Excel is the modest add-in that comes with a lot of power.
Created by iCrossings' James Taylor, there is so much to look forward to with this one. Although
it might not pack as many functions as SEO Tools by Niels, it is very spectacular at what it can do.

When you have so many URLs to work with in Excel, it can be difficult to point out the root domain
duplicates. As you import, export, and paste universal resource locators straight into your Excel
spreadsheet, the URLs structures that you have will vary.

Some may have the www. prefix, the
https://, subdomains, or you may have URLs that possess none of those. Of course, you can use
formulas to access a URL’s root domain but the process is usually complicated. It gives you a
simple way of accessing the root domains of a huge URL list seamlessly. Once done, go ahead to
copy and paste, and apply conditional formatting.

● Analytics Edge Basic
This is another of the best free SEO tools for Excel. It comes with a simple design and the ability to
integrate SEO data pulled off Google Analytics with Excel. An unlimited number of requests can
be initiated through the connectors located in the toolbar. Additionally, you can directly update
Google Analytics data and data from social pages such as Google+ and Facebook.

● Make Links Live

Not necessarily an add-in but a macro and, as the name implies, is great for making links live. It is normal
not to see this feature as a brainbuster. However, if you’ve got a document with links numbering
in thousands with a need to get every one of them live, you’ll admit that the level of work
involved is challenging.

Thanks to this tool, you can simply click one button to get the job done.
Yes, that is all it takes. Newer releases are now available for download for more current Excel

● ASAP Utilities

Although not among the list of SEO add-ins, ASAP Utilities comes in handy for routine task automation.
You can use this tool to find and get rid of duplicate keyword phrases. If you want to fit similar
keywords in one group, this tool gets it done as well. You can get access to the free version to
get a feel for how it works. The paid version is available as well. This tool is easy to use but you
can also get a tutorial that simplifies the process.

There is so much potential for Excel in SEO with the right tools
Excel is a very rare tool that gives users the ability to accomplish a lot of things. And the best part is that
it simplifies the process of getting things done as it comes with advanced features.

From doing simple
things as plugging in digits all the way to more complex tasks like storing a huge list of complicated code,
this spreadsheet has no limitations. It can also come in handy if you want to get some accounting done.

And when it comes to search engine optimization for websites, you'll find SEO tools for Excel to help you
achieve your website goals. Explore the add-ins mentioned in our review of the best search engine
optimization tools for Excel 2019 today.

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