Best Zoom Webinar Alternatives With Free Trial

Don’t just tell. Show me how it works.

That’s the premise behind the top webinar platforms for small businesses. Using the software tools provided by today’s best Zoom webinar alternatives, you’ll be able to leverage the power of visual demonstration in a marketing context.

Through the specific features provided on these platforms, you and your team will be empowered to accomplish more than competitors that rely 100% on written text or spoken words.

Interestingly, webinars have been proven to convert really well for people that do it. Some recent studies also show that around 20 – 40% of attendees turn into qualified leads.

But we all know you can do much more than marketing.

Whether you have used it or not, Zoom doesn’t seem to be the best option. Assuming you have read some other Zoom webinar software reviews, you might have come across some of the downsides. Below are some of the reasons why some people like you are usually looking for the best Zoom webinar alternatives with free trial.

The Mobile App Experience – while they provide a mobile app like other webinar platforms, usability can be a little bit problematic for both presenters and attendees.

For example, chatting within the mobile app isn’t quite seamless in comparison to what is obtainable from other competing tools.

Download Hassle – download a piece of useful software isn’t a big task when the stakes are high. However, requiring every attendee to download the same is often a barrier on its own. The interesting thing is that most of the webinar software tools here don’t require a download like Zoom.

Zoom Webinar Pricing – here is another drawback for many potential buyers. For you to get a higher level of cloud storage, the pricing gets really expensive.

Customizable Webinar Landing Page – the landing page where potential attendees are to register isn’t customizable as needed by many of their past users. This is the first conversion point where you need to make use of great visuals and social proof. Hence, it should be easy for everyone.

These are some, not all of the reasons why many people have switched away from Zoom. Probably, your own purchase intent may be different. Whatever it is, there is a great chance you’ll find one or more options that are within your current budget. And the interesting part is that most of these tools come with either 1005 free trial (7 – 30 days in most cases) or $1 trial.

How To Choose A Webinar Platform

Regardless of intended use cases, answering the question – what is the best webinar platform for small business isn’t that easy. And here is the reason. What is the best match for user A might not be the same for user B. For example, you might be choosing a webinar software tool for your team while another consultant is just looking for something that is suited for personal use.

To make it easier for you whether you are buying for the first time or not, below are the main features or factors to consider. In case you are an experienced user, you may want to skip this section entirely.

The number of attendees – this is the very first thing that matters in every webinar. Based on your market reach, email list or marketing goal, you should take this factor before signing up for any plan

Webinar recording – every one of these Zoom alternatives will give you the recording feature and cloud storage, but the storage capacity is usually different

Campaign tracking – depending on how you choose to bring in attendees, tracking is very important for you to determine the most effective webinar promotion strategy

Automated webinars – again, most of these tools will help you run the automated version. Perhaps, if this is an important priority check the details on how it runs on each platform

Email marketing software integration – the question is this – is it possible for your tool to be integrated into many other platforms? Try to check the compatibility with the email marketing platform you are currently using or prefer to use

Live chat – moreover, you should endeavor to compare how live chat works on these webinar platforms

Now let’s look into some of the coolest and most affordable options within your reach. To get even more clarity, it may be helpful to contact some of the support teams across these companies and experience how each one them works around those features that matter most to you.

Best Cheap Zoom Webinar Software Alternatives

Unlike some other webinar software reviews, the essence of this post is to help you make a proper comparison before signing up for any free trial offer. However, you should be taking note of what are the differences between free and premium plans. Most importantly, you should be taking into account your unique personal needs or that of your team.


For one thing, Demio is one of the best browser-based webinar software platforms in the market. This means that you, your team and attendees don’t have to download anything before you can make use of it. From what I experienced the first time after signing up for Demio free trial, the user interface looks very much outstanding.

Whether you want to use it for marketing, recruitment interviews or training programs, this tool has got all the features you’ll need for that.

Besides the product feature set, any impressive thing I experienced is the availability of supportive reps. Unlike some other tools, even some experts in the product team make some sometime available to render help when needed by their users.

Demio vs Zoom Webinar Comparison

The very first difference is the factor of having to download software or not. Being browser based makes it easier for attendees to join your events without risking lateness or missing out one some important presentations. In that same vein, you can also join Demio webinar event on mobile without having to download any mobile app.

Another core difference is the ease of embedding Demio registration forms on any compatible web page of your choice. Using this feature, you can be able to leverage the existing traffic on your website or other people’s websites. That means you don’t have to pay money to bring every visitor with an Ad.

Design-wise, Demio also seems to be a great alternative to Zoom webinar. This makes it easier to customize the event registration landing pages.

During your webinars, you may decide to launch one time offers with an outstanding call to action buttons (CTA) feature built into this platform. To make it easy for new customers, this platform also provides a great knowledge base both in form or written and recorded content.

Between Zoom webinar pricing and Demio pricing, you’ll also find some slight differences too.

Demio Features

  • Supports different types of events
  • Customizable registration pages
  • Embeddable registration forms
  • Interactive attendee polls and stats
  • Customization offer CTAs
  • Share downloadable content
  • Audience question and answers
  • Private and public live chat
  • Automated webinar replay recording
  • Engagement stats
  • Lots of useful integrations

Demio Pricing

Looking at the pricing page for Demio vs Zoom webinar comparison, there are some similarities and slight differences too. The main thing is this, if those comparative differences we mentioned earlier are very important to you or your team, you should probably go for Demio.

With Demio, you can start with $49 monthly plan which serves just 50 attendees and 1 host.

The $99 per month also serves 1 host but gives you the space to host 150 attendees. However, if your webinar software is to be used by 4 hosts, then you should prepare to pay up to $234 per month which is meant to serve up to 500 attendees.

On the other hand, you only need $54 per to start with Zoom webinar. This pricing plan will enable you to host up to 100 attendees.

Overall, people that are need of advanced features and customization options will find Demio to be a better alternative. Depending on your current level of interest, signing for Demio free trial will give you a better understanding of how it actually works and how you can apply it to your specific context.


How much does WebinarJam cost?

For some potential buyers, they just want to know the price. If you are one of those people, you can follow this link to find out the current price. However, we’ll touch on WebinarJam pricing as one of the best Zoom webinar alternatives on the market today.

But then, you and I know it is not only the price of webinar software that matters. Now, let’s check if there are any differences between these tools.

WebinarJam vs Zoom Webinar Comparison

Here another browser based webinar software that doesn’t require any download for you or your attendee to start using it. Depending on how you want your registration page to look and work, WebinarJam will give you great templates you can start using right off the bath. Comparatively, the ease of customization is very impressive as well.

One thing that is worth noting here is that Zoom’s video and audio quality seem to be slightly better as there are no compressions required. This isn’t the same with WebinarJam.

Remember what I said earlier about campaign tracking and analytics? This is one distinct area where this Zoom alternative shines brighter. It gives you better analytics and insights that could be usable in your next marketing or webinar campaigns. And the most interesting part is that you’ll of the data points in your dashboard, unlike Zoom that will require you to download activity spreadsheets.

Assuming that native CRM integration is also important to you, you are sure of getting a better experience from WebinarJam.

These are some of the core differences you’ll find when thinking through WebinarJam vs Zoom webinar comparison. The other slight differences can be found in the price of these tools. On a deeper level, a simple sign up for WebinarJam premium plans will give you more insights.

WebinarJam Features

  • Flexible recording
  • Automatic recording
  • Live chat
  • Attendee spotlight
  • Active offers (CTA)
  • Page builder
  • Automated email and SMS
  • Polls and surveys
  • Drawing board
  • Video injection
  • Always on room

WebinarJam Pricing

One thing I find a little bit surprising is that this Zoom alternative doesn’t have a monthly pricing plan like others.

Instead, you’ll find $499 per year plan created to serve around 500 attendees. Closely following this one is the $699 per year plan you can use to serve up to 2000 attendees for a maximum of 3 hours. However, you can use these as well as the $999 per year plan to create unlimited webinars.

For all of these three plans, this webinar platform can be used by 2, 4 and 6 presenters respectively. Overall, if you are looking for the best webinar software with video inserts, this one could be a perfect match for you. While you can’t get 100% WebinarJam free trial, you can try their product for $1/14 days.


Assuming that the options reviewed above don’t have all the important features you want, ClickMeeting is another affordable Zoom webinar alternative with free trial.

Unlike some other that you’ll find in this list, you can get 100% ClickMeeting free trial to test some of those features that matter most to you and your team. The most interesting part is that this free trial offer also comes with the same automation tools you’ll find the other premium plans.

ClickMeeting vs Zoom Webinar Comparison

Having been around for some time as one of the best webinar platforms for small business, this provider has been delivering great value to its customers in a satisfactory way. Based on this fact, it isn’t impossible to find some users that have been using their platform for over two years.

On the Zoom webinar pricing page which is a bit complex for many people, it isn’t very clear whether you can run automated webinars or not. And that’s one of the key differences between them. Using this feature, you’ll be able to run record your content once and use it to generate lead repeatedly.

Thinking about ClickMeeting vs Zoom webinar comparison, another interesting feature is the sub-account creation. This feature alone is why some people consider ClickMeeting to be a top contender among the best webinar software for team building.

While Zoom webinar pricing plans provide the option for multiple hosts, each additional host increases the price significantly.

In addition to some of those features mentioned above, you’ll also get an address book you can use to manage your contacts when the event is over. Depending on your intended use cases, you can also this webinar platform, ClickMeeting to stream your event through Facebook or Youtube live.

Based on my personal experience, presenting content with Zoom seems to be a little clunky. In other words, the user interface for this purpose isn’t as intuitive as ClickMeeting.

Unlike Zoom, you can use the simultaneous chat translation tool to make the content available for everyone in their language of choice. Regarding this feature, you’ll get around 52 language options that work with Google translate.

Even when you are on the go, you can also use their mobile app to meet up with your scheduled appointment. If you want to have your presentation reviewed and rated by attendees, you’ll have the option to enable that feature. From here, you can start getting feedback that will enable you to improve performance in the next webinar.

ClickMeeting Features

  • Organized webinar timeline
  • Multiuser and sub-account creation
  • Automated webinars
  • The waiting room and webinar agenda page
  • Call to action (CTA) buttons
  • Social media sharing
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Visually appealing landing pages
  • Surveys, polls and Q/As
  • Address book for contact management

ClickMeeting Pricing

One thing that is obviously outstanding is the affordability of ClickMeeting pricing which is significantly cheaper. Depending on the number of attendees, you can start at $25 per month. The highest pricing plan goes for $359 which is meant to serve around 1000 attendees.

In between these plans, there is a great chance you’ll find one or more affordable options suited for your current budget. Overall, it is important to note that some of the premium features on this plan are not available in every pricing plan.

This is why it is important to clarify the exact features that are most important to you. At the very point of purchase, this should make your decision very easy.

Assuming the time is right, you may consider signing up for ClickMeeting free trial for 7 days. Like some other tools in the same category, you don’t need a credit card to get started on this.


Among the best Zoom webinar software alternatives reviewed in this comparison post, GoToWebinar is another old brand name that has been around for a long time. Beyond the main product experience, this company is known to provide great support for users in different segments.

Just like ClickMeeting that we reviewed earlier, this is another webinar platform that has an outstanding user interface. In addition to this, there are many other interesting features that made  it one of the best alternatives to Zoom.

GoToWebinar vs Zoom Webinar Comparison

First, if you are intending to buy a webinar software specifically for the purpose of marketing, the intuitive analytics feature of this platform is very likely to give exactly what you want. Using the feature provided on this platform, you can be able to track the highest lowest-performing sources of new webinar registrations leads.

In terms of video streaming latency, GoToWebinar seems to be more stable than Zoom. These are some of the basic factors that make both of these tools different.

While you may need to download both of these software tools, GoToWebinar has a standalone browser-based webinar software alternative called GoToWebcast. Whenever an event end, you can publish the content to your dedicated page or hub.

With integrated marketing automation tools, you can send pre-crafted reminders during and after the event. This feature will enable you to take advantage of proven post-webinar marketing strategies. Depending on the nature of your presentation, if you want to buttress a point with video, you’ll have what it takes to play pre-loaded videos during your presentation.

GoToWebinar Features

  • Compatible for custom integrations
  • Audience spotlight
  • Dual screen support
  • Channel publishing page
  • Add guest presenters
  • Drawing tools
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Email automation
  • API access
  • Lots of useful templates

GoToWebinar Pricing

Regarding price, this is the only tool in this list that is relatively pricey. However, if highly reliable latency, analytics and automation are important to you, this is a good option worth considering. The monthly pricing plan starts around $109 for 100 attendees.

The only downside I heard many people complain about is the inability to mute participants during an event.
According to some other experienced users, the chat feature may need some improvement. Like some other tools in the same category, you can get started with GoToWebinar free trial for 7 days.


Having you been looking for the best webinar software with unlimited registrations? Look no further, WebinarNinja is one of the few platforms with such features.

In addition to this, you can also create and run unlimited webinar events as you like. Pricing aside, there are some other relevant factors which led to the addition of this tool among the best Zoom webinar alternatives for small business owners and SaaS marketers alike. Using this platform, you start running live, automated, series or hybrid events depending on your goals.

WebinarNinja vs Zoom Webinar Comparison

If you are among the people buying this type of software for the purpose of marketing, WebinarNinja has got many interesting features to make your work easier. For example, you can add timed promotional offers on top of your automated webinars.

Another great feature is Facebook Ad tracking. With this tool, you’ll be able to get a better view of your Ad performance on webinar registrations. To take it even further, you may decide to run advanced A/B testing with this particular feature. These are some major differences that make WebinarNinja a great alternative to Zoom.

Unlike Zoom webinar and some other tools, this one will allow you to try all their premium plans for 14 days. In practical terms, this is better than getting a free trial that won’t allow you to test the exact features that matter most to you.

For example, if you are interested in the best webinar platform for team members, it will be helpful to test the team related features of any tool before you commit to monthly payments.

WebinarNinja Features

  • Unlimited attendee registration
  • Unlimited webinars
  • Paid and free webinars
  • Have up to 4 presenters
  • Instant live chat
  • Stats and analytics
  • Facebook Ad tracking
  • Screen sharing
  • Webinar cloning
  • Automated webinars
  • Timed promotional offers
  • Recorded video sharing

WebinarNinja Pricing

As noted earlier, you can get WebinarNinja free trial for 14 days. Looking at WebinarNinja vs Zoom webinar comparison, their basic plan which starts at $49 per month is cheaper. With Zoom, serving 1000 attendees will cost you $340 per month which the same will cost you $249 per month on this other alternative.

At this point, you should take note of the features that are most important to you and then use that to make a comparison of the specific tools that appeal to you.


At the time of this writing, over 6 million attendees from around the world have experienced EasyWebinar platform. Even with common sense, you and I know that this milestone didn’t happen in a single year. To make it a bit clearer, this company was founded around 2014. Now, having been around for a long time, you can bet that they have been good at acquiring customers and delivering great value to their users.

Let’s look into some of the things that made this webinar hosting software slightly unique when compared to Zoom.

EasyWebinar vs Zoom Webinar Comparison

From the ground up, Zoom was originally built to be a standard video conferencing software meant for B2B contexts. If you have used their tool for some time, you’ll notice how the interface looks relatively simplistic and outdated in some sense.

Some of the features you won’t get with Zoom webinar includes the event tagging and automated tracking that comes with a wide range of other software integrations. Though you can get some integrations done, it isn’t quite as deep and diverse in comparison to what you’ll find from the best competing alternatives like EasyWebinar.

Unlike Zoom, you’ll have what it takes to run automated webinars with other relevant features and integrations.

Assuming you are among the people with a specific interest in affordable webinar software with automated sales funnels, most of EasyWebinar pricing plans will offer you that. For a lot of people that use webinars for marketing, this is an important feature. And the most interesting part, in this case, is this, you don’t have to pay for higher premium plans to use this feature.

Depending on your preferences, the registration page, especially the form fields are practically easier to customize to get the audience data and insights you need before your event.

If you ask me this question, is Zoom good for webinars? I’ll say yes. But it is not as good as most of these alternatives.

EasyWebinar Features

  • Unlimited automated webinars
  • Customizable form fields
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Individual attendee engagement stats
  • Seamless CSV data exports
  • Embeddable registration forms
  • Scheduled webinar replays
  • Customizable thank you page
  • Diverse integration with other relevant tools
  • Live chat and phone support
  • Facebook and Youtube Live

EasyWebinar Pricing

In case you are not buying for a team, EasyWebinar pricing plan starts at $78 per month which is a bit higher than Zoom webinar that goes for $54. However, both of these basic starter plans are meant to serve 100 attendees. The only noticeable differences are the ones discussed in EasyWebinar vs Zoom webinar comparison section discussed above.

On the other hand, if you want to serve 500 – 2000 attendees with multiple hosts, the prices are fixed between $129 and $499 per month.

When you compare that with what is obtainable from Zoom, you’ll see immediately how cheaper it is. To get more insights, consider signing up for EasyWebinar free trial demo which is offered for 14 days. you may also get in touch through live chat to clarify other factors that may be important to you.


Looking for affordable webinar software for small business teams? BigMarker might become the perfect match for your current needs. Like many other Zoom webinar alternatives reviewed so far, this one has got a lot of impressive features for diverse use cases.

While it is not as popular as other competitors, you can get an impressive level of satisfaction from this platform.

whether you are buying for personal use as a consultant or a small business team, BigMarker pricing seems to be affordable in comparison to the value you’ll get from it.

BigMarker vs Zoom Comparison

The first thing to note is that this is a browser-based webinar platform that works differently when it is compared to Zoom.

The most interesting thing about this factual difference is that it will be easier for your attendees to register and join from anywhere, even when they are on mobile. Besides, this platform also has a robust feature set to deliver the webinar hosting experience you’ll expect.

Using some of those features, you can begin to run automated lead generation funnels without having to spend time doing a live webinar. This is the core difference between Zoom and most of the alternative platforms found in this post.

People that are specifically interested in learning how to choose a webinar platform for small business should keep this in mind. However, if you are buying for team meetings or employee training, your needs are likely to be different.

Looking at their dashboard, the main event registration page looks crisp and clean. Interestingly, most of the current users applaud how easy it is to customize and collect any information you need before an event. To give you even more delightful experiences, you have lots of compatible to integrate with it.

For example, potential buyers in need of a webinar software that works with ActiveCampaign will find this Zoom alternative to be very suitable.

BigMarker Features

  • Create live webinars
  • Youtube and Facebook live
  • Automated webinars
  • Interactive polls and surveys
  • Customizable lead generation forms
  • Integrated email marketing automation
  • On-demand video player
  • Useful integration options

BigMarker Pricing

On their starter and elite plans, BigMarker pricing which comes at $79/pm for 100 and $159/pm for 500 attendees are slightly above Zoom that goes for $54/pm and $140 respectively. However, if you want your tool to be used by 4 hosts while serving up to 1000 attendees, Zoom webinar pricing will cost you $340 per month while this alternative goes for $299 per month.

Though the price looks similar, you may want to consider BigMarker for their email marketing templates, robust landing page builder, custom domain masking, great analytics user interface and dedicated account manager offered on the high-end plans.

Signing for BigMarker free trial will give you a better understanding of how most of these features work.

How To Use Webinar Software

Like most people currently shopping for the best webinar software, you probably have one or two specific use cases in mind. But if you learn how to use these tools, you can apply the same to some other practical contexts. Fortunately, almost all of the platforms reviewed in this post will provide free training videos to get their users started in no time.

Meanwhile, below are some of the specific ways many other businesses have been using webinars to grow their businesses.

Product Demos – these tools will enable you to go beyond written or spoken words. Using great visuals in presentation context like webinars will help you generate more leads and sales

Customer Success Teams – enable your team members to provide context-specific training programs. In addition to this, they can use the same to help existing and potential customer to navigate through your product features without any limitations

Create Online Courses – if online training is your main business or you want to leverage that to grow, there is no need to pay for webinar software and online course creation software in separate purchases

Podcasting And Video Interviews – I bet you have watched one or more of such content centered on a topic you care about. Now you can get the tools to start hosting your own expert interviews

Employee Onboarding – for people that wok with remote employees, webinar hosting platforms can serve as a great tool for new employee onboarding

Recruitment Interviews – whether you have a recruitment agency or you are in charge of recruitment at some level, you can use the tools provides on these platforms to host interviews

Internal Communication – for companies with team members working in different locations, getting all of them to attend regular meetings in one physical location can be expensive and time-consuming. Here you can see the key benefits of using webinars

Social Media Live Streaming – many research studies have proven how powerful video content can be on social media. With the Youtube and Facebook live features of these platforms, you’ll get a set of powerful tools for growing brand awareness, educating existing customers and addressing potential buyer objections


Regardless of the exact feature you have in mind, these are some of the best Zoom webinar alternatives that are probably within your current budget.  While most of them are very similar in many ramifications, the essence of this webinar software comparison post is to help you understand the core differences between them.

Even when some feature sets are found among two competing platforms, user access and the pricing plan that contains such similar features are usually not the same.

These are the main deciding factors you should be taking into account.

Besides, you might have acknowledged before now that it is not just the price that matters. For example, the number of intended users or webinar hosts should be clarified in addition to the expected number of attendees.

Regarding free trial offers, what I have found is that it is better to go for the platforms that will give you full, not limited access to all of their premium features. This will make it possible for you to test and experience those features that matter most to you before committing to a paid plan. Now think about the opposite. You can follow the links above to sign up for a free trial of anyone that matches your current needs.

Finally, don’t forget to check on the availability of support through live chat and phone. These days, email won’t get you the best software support experience you’ll need from time to time.

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