4 Best Conversion Optimization Courses To Increase SaaS Marketing ROI

Through these conversion optimization courses reviewed below, you and your team will be empowered to solve problems like low conversion rates and undesirable marketing ROI. Stick around to discover what is within your reach. 

You know there is a need for sustained momentum towards your current revenue goals. Probably, you are also driving considerable website traffic volume from different sources. But the outcomes in terms of conversion rate seems to feel demoralizing. 

Now might be the best time to spare some resources towards upgrading your expertise in this regard. Hence, you know clearly that getting a good number of people to visit your website is not enough. 

Besides, if you are looking into how to become a conversion optimization specialist, these training courses from veteran experts will put you on a strong foundation. 

How These CRO Courses Can Help You Increase SaaS Marketing ROI 

Without any doubt, there is a great possibility that you already have a clear idea of how to apply the new learnings from these conversion rate optimization courses. However, if your company has been investing a lot of resources into SaaS content marketing, taking advantage of these CRO courses can help you start getting better SaaS marketing ROI. 

#1: Website Home Page 

Bearing in mind that a website homepage often gets a big percentage of overall traffic volume, this can be a potent spot for profitable A/B testing and conversion rate optimization. Depending on the structure and content of the home page, your visitors will be compelled to either explore more pages, take a conversion action, or bounce off. 

In case your company’s home page has not changed for a very long time, now may be the best time to unfold ideas and initiate projects to start getting better conversion rates. 

#2: SaaS Pricing Page

From your elevator pitch to value propositions, website copy, page layout, lead magnet, and call to action (CTA) buttons, there are many variables that can be tested. 

From here, you can help your design or marketing team to base the majority of their home page design decisions on real data, not assumptions. 

Here is another important page that often makes a big difference in a SaaS marketing funnel. Perhaps, if you or your company are spending good money to drive traffic to your SaaS pricing page but they are not converting as much, the ROI will be poor. 

After taking one or some of the best conversion optimization courses reviewed below, this is a good place to start putting your new knowledge to work. 

As you may already know, getting better marketing results through conversion rate optimization might not require additional website traffic. 

Just take some SaaS marketing metrics like customer lifetime value and retention rate into account. 

And then think of the difference that 1 – 5% improvement in pricing page conversion rate can make. The point is that this is where you are likely to see direct monetary results after applying what you learn from these conversion optimization courses. 

#3: Lead Generation Landing Page 

Converting your website visitors first into leads before attempting to convert them into paying customers is one of the best ways to increase SaaS marketing ROI. Regardless of how your lead generation funnel is structured, this is another area where you can start seeing immediate results after applying technical knowledge of proven conversion rate optimization courses. 

Whether you are driving traffic to white pager lead magnet, past webinar content or sales demo lead generation landing page, you can apply conversion rate optimization strategies in this area as well. 

More than many other metrics, tracking the number of leads generated directly from your landing page usually easy. 

#4: Company Blog

Business blogging and SEO are some of the best SaaS lead generation strategies proven to work every time. But then it has to be done in a way that drives consistent growth of quality website traffic. As you might have already known, all website visitors are hardly equal when you think about some factors like purchase intent. 

In this case, you can use website visitor segmentation software like Leadfeeder to help your company convert blog readers into leads, free trial users, and paying customers. 

In terms of conversion rate optimization, some of the blog related variables you can test may include the following – 

  • Type of content
  • Type of lead magnet
  • Opt-in form (EG: exit intent vs screen filler)
  • Audience segment 
  • Call to action

How To Choose The Best Conversion Optimization Courses 

While it is easy to make payment and start taking any conversion optimization courses within your reach, some important factors are worth considering before you do that. To some extent, understanding these things will help you to get the best outcome after committing to any of these training courses. 

Provider Reputation – For some reason, it is hard to get a clear view of the provider’s reputation. However, is still important to consider the reputation of the company or person providing the conversion optimization training program. 

Finding answers to questions like the ones below could be helpful – 

  1. How long have they been training people?
  2. How many students or professionals have they trained?
  3. What companies have taken their conversion optimization training courses?
  4. What is on the individual trainer’s LinkedIn profile? 

Delivery Format – Before taking anyone that claims to be the best conversion rate optimization training course, you have to consider the delivery format that is suitable for your personal needs. Try to find out if it is video content only. 

Is it a combination of online and offline learning classes. Check to see if there is any one-on-one or group interactive sessions involved. 

If you’ll rather take an offline training program, consider that as well. 

Practice – How is the conversion rate optimization training program structured to enable you to practice what you learn along the way. Without constant practice, it is possible to forget what you learn in no time, especially if you rely heavily on video content. 

End of Training Support – How will the trainees and learners be supported after paying and taking the course? If you just buy into a pack of video content and the supposed trainer leaves you immediately after going through the course, it may end up in disappointment. 

Price – The price of conversion rate optimization training courses usually differs from one provider to the other. Based on this fact, it is important to compare prices while taking into account some of these other factors mentioned above. Here is one of the main reasons for writing this post. And that is to help you make a comparison while linking to the best courses. 

Best Conversion Optimization Courses Comparison 

CXL Conversion Optimization Mini Degree

If you have been looking for CXL courses that will give you a strong foundation in conversion rate optimization strategies, this is the best place to start. Back in the day, it was through the company’s blog that I begin to learn what conversion rate optimization is all about. The founder, Peep Laja use to put out a lot of useful content on his blog. 

In their own words, this is deemed to be the most thorough CRO training in the world. Probably, it is because they have built world-class expertise for serving world-class companies. One of the key reasons for including them here that these guys are real practitioners in the field. 

Founded in 2011, this company has been in the business of conversion rate optimization for a very long time. 

Some of the key concepts covered in this conversion optimization training are – 

  • Introduction to CRO
  • Conversion copywriting 
  • Product messaging 
  • People and psychology
  • Interaction design 
  • Landing page optimization 
  • Social proof
  • Google Analytics

This training course is packed into 82 hours of high-quality video content. When you buy into this course, you’ll gain access to the experience and insights of over five specialty experts including Peep Laja himself. 

The price of conversion optimization training course provided by CXL starts at $599. But they have quarterly and monthly payment plans too. Moreover, you can request a scheduled demo of what is inside. 

Certified Conversion Rate Optimization Expert 

This one is provided by Digital Marketer found by Ryan Deiss. Having been around for a long time, their training courses are widely acclaimed in the industry. For one thing, everything you’ll get in this course is provided by experienced industry practitioners. 

Here you’ll get 40 video lessons spread across seven core modules. The video content is just around 7 hours long. 

And then there are handouts and quizzes. 

At the end of the training courses, you are expected to take a final exam which will qualify you to get the certificate. During this conversion optimization training course, you are also expected to get up to 70% score in their tests and exams. 

If you commit to taking this course, you might be able to complete it within 3 – 7 days. The price of this course is about $495.Click this link to visit their website for full details on what is provided inside the course.

Optimization Academy CRO Course Bundle 

Whether you are just starting out or not, conversion rate optimization has too many facets that may be hard to grasp in a single course. However, if you want to go deeper over a longer period of time, this course might be your best option. 

The content is based on experience gained working for brands like McAfee, VOGA, Pfizer, Coral iContact, Barron’s, and many more. 

If you decide to go with this one, you’ll gain access to 30 different courses and over 240 lessons contained in 50 hours of video content. As you’ll discover the lessons are bite-sized enough for you to take them in a progressive succession. 

Some of the key concepts covered in this conversion optimization courses include –

  1. Value proposition design 
  2. UX design principles
  3. Stages of the user journey
  4. Understanding website friction 
  5. Positioning principles
  6. Text optimization rules 
  7. Images that convert
  8. Visitor research tools
  9. Behavioral research 
  10. A/B testing 
  11. Checkout optimization techniques 
  12. Landing page design 

Talking about the price of conversion rate optimization training courses, this one goes for $895. With this price, you’ll get full one year access to the bundle. More details can be found by visiting their CRO course pricing page. 

Advanced Conversion Rate Optimization Training 

Here is one of the best cheap conversion optimization courses meant to help you get more value from your content marketing strategy or website traffic. Besides being affordable, this course promises to deliver advanced conversion rate optimization insights and strategies that will be applied to specific contexts. 

The online training course is provided by Traffic Think Tank. And just as the name suggests, all of their training programs are provided by high profile experts that had been working in the field for a long time. 

Whether you are working for a company or running your own business, upgrading your skill sets with this CRO training will put you on a better path towards great profits. 

The course content is created by Ryan Stewart, Amy Hoy, and Joel Klettke. 

These are independent experts that had been running their own businesses and making profits with the strategies taught in this advanced CRO course. 

Some of the things covered are –

  • How to find conversion opportunities
  • How to fix your own funnel
  • Landing page CRO audit 
  • Growing online sales 
  • Agency website conversion teardown 
  • Common CRO mistakes to avoid 

One outstanding thing about this course from Traffic Think Tank is that buying into it will give you full access to every other course in their library. In terms of content and delivery format, you’ll be gaining access to over 200 hours of professionally recorded video content. 

In addition to the content, you’ll get some contextually useful templates, tools, and process documents for managing and scaling your business. 

To make it even more fulfilling, Traffic Think Tank provides users 3 expert-led monthly webinars plus live Q/A sessions.

They have two monthly pricing plans that go for $119 or $99 per month. You can find out the difference by checking it out through this link. Remember, one payment plan for one course will give you access to many other useful courses around topics like search engine optimization, paid search advertising, content marketing, and agency growth strategy. 

Best Conversion Rate Optimization Training Courses: The FAQs

What are the steps of conversion optimization certification? 

While everybody may not take exactly the same steps towards getting conversion rate optimization certification, some steps seem to be generally basic. In no particular order, taking the following steps will put you on the right track –

  1. Make a shortlist of affordable CRO certification courses 
  2. Review provider reputation
  3. Consider the course delivery format 
  4. Check availability of learning support in the form of live Q/A sessions 
  5. Make a plan on how to practice what you learn
  6. Compare the price of best CRO courses 
  7. Choose the one that is most suitable for you
  8. Start taking the course
  9. Commit to constant practice
  10. Take the exams and tests
  11. Get the CRO certification 

How do you optimize conversion rate?

If you are serious about getting a better conversion rate in your business or company, consider taking any of the CRO training courses mentioned in this post. In case you prefer the do it yourself learning path, here is how you can optimize the conversion rate 

  • Conduct a conversion funnel research
  • Identify conversion bottlenecks and optimization opportunities
  • Get the best A/B testing tools and write some hypothesis
  • Enlist common buyer objections and address them
  • Tailor your value propositions to specific buyer personas and pain points 
  • Use social proof to improve brand trust 
  • Leverage website visitor segmentation 
  • Identify your winners and run with it

How long should conversion optimization experiments run?

In most cases, this will be dependent on the website traffic volume you are working with. If you have a higher traffic volume, you can start results and insights in a very short time. On the other hand, if you have low traffic volume, then your conversion optimization experiments should be running longer. The common duration that most people use is 7, 30, or 90 days. 

What are the four conversion strategies?

First, you have to understand that the best conversion optimization strategies don’t appear in a particular order. But here are the for key strategies –

  1. Conversion funnel and user research 
  2. User or website visitor segmentation 
  3. Data-driven A/B testing 
  4. Psychology based copywriting 

How can conversion optimization affect your return on investment?

A higher conversion rate means you’ll be getting more leads or sales in your business. 

In comparative terms, let’s say two businesses in the same industry are getting the same monthly traffic volume, for example, 30,000 visitors per month. 

Company A records a 3% conversion rate while company B has 9.6% as a result of leveraging proven conversion optimization strategies. In this case, company B will have a higher ROI even though both competitors have equal traffic volume. 


Regardless of the country you are reading this content from, these are some of the best conversion rate optimization courses you’ll find in the market. And the most interesting part is that you can take any of these CRO training courses from anywhere in the world. 

In case you are interested in upskilling your team to build a stronger competitive advantage, some of these providers have great options tailored for that purpose. 

Looking at the price of conversion optimization training courses listed here, you’ll find monthly payment plans too. 

This will make it easier for you to foot the bill instead of having to shell out a sizable one-time payment for anyone of them that appeals most to you. Among other things, this post will help you to compare these programs in terms of price and other important factors. 

To get maximum value from anyone you buy into, consider the availability of live questions and answer sessions as well as an active community of learners and CRO experts. 

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