Rewardful SaaS Affiliate Software Review And Pricing

saas affiliate marketing software reviews After reaching product market fit, many people turn their attention to finding the best ways to grow a SaaS business.  While it is easy to find a lot of proven growth strategies, most of them will require a great amount of resources to implement.

And if you have to depend on your limited resources, your business won’t be growing as much as possible with regard to existing demand in your target market.

Through this Rewardful review, we’ll look into how you can leverage SaaS affiliate marketing to grow your business without having to depend on your limited marketing resources. Beside this one, there are many other SaaS affiliate marketing software tools, hence we’ll do a brief comparison of the best Rewardful alternatives in the market as well.

How SaaS Affiliate Marketing Works

Generally, affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which the participant marketers earn money only when certain results are achieved. Results in this regard could be actual sales or leads generated over a specified period of time.

Based on the nature of SaaS business models, affiliate marketers are usually paid from the subscription fees earned from customers. In most cases, affiliates earn between 5 – 30% of subscription fees paid by each customer on monthly basis. However, some business owners prefer to run their SaaS affiliate marketing program based on the subscription fees for the first year instead of lifetime.

Lifetime in this context refers to the number of months or years that a certain user continues to be an active paying customer. From what I have found, the opportunity for earning recurring affiliate commission makes the first option more appealing to affiliates.

Affiliates in this case could be current users of your product or other people recruited independently.

What Is Rewardful

Rewardful is one of the best SaaS affiliate marketing software solutions for the type of performance-based marketing described above. If you want to leverage on other peoples’ email list, website traffic and social media influence to grow your SaaS business without a big advertising budget, here is the tool you should give a serious consideration. And it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started.

Rewardful Review: The Core Features And How It Works

Basically, you have to connect your Stripe account, choose commission structure, then start recruiting and empowering your affiliates. If you are already using Stripe to process your payments, this is likely to be easy for you as installation requires few lines of codes.

In reality, the money you pay to affiliates could be seen as your SaaS customer acquisition cost. However, you don’t have to pay out of pocket and pray if the sales or marketing strategy will deliver good results.

Below the following lines, we’ll look into a detailed Rewardful review, pricing and the core features. Beyond the written words here, you can go get a 14 day free trial if you like.saas affiliate marketing software reviews

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