How To Use Grammarly For SaaS Email Copywriting

The value of Email Marketing can not be overestimated. All serious businesses actively use emails and newsletters to keep in touch with their clientele. It is a viable channel for sending out information and updates about your offerings. Your customers are nurtured and retained through creative emails that are built to convert. It is a catalyst that morphs your first-time clients into repeat customers. This is the reason that email marketing copywriting is a vital element of your marketing campaign. But what role  does Grammarly play?

Can you count the number of emails you send out every day? Daily, an estimated 200 million emails and more go out. It is normal to believe that yours are among that number. However, the inability to create the right emails with the right structure may be making things difficult for your recipient. This may indirectly be creating challenges for you as well.

From building customer support to forwarding work-related emails and more, an email marketing content writer can use Grammarly to learn how to write email marketing campaign messages. We have put together some great advice on how to use Grammarly to craft effective emails. Check them out below. But first, how do you write a good email?


  • Use a subject line that is concise and descriptive


This is one trick that email marketing copywriting can use. You can take a copywriting course to help you learn to craft amazing headlines. Your subject line has very much the same importance as the body of the email. It is the trigger that hooks your recipient and compels them to click the email. Before that point, nothing inside the message matters if it isn’t clicked.

Use descriptive but short headlines. You can take a cue from newspaper headlines which are most times short and designed to grab your attention. By just looking at them, you can predict what the article is about. You should reflect this in your subject. Do not use vague headlines. Emails that have subject lines with not too many characters have a higher chance of getting clicks. 



  • Avoid using long messages – As short as possible is better


According to Guy Kawasaki, a very successful marketer who receives lots of emails daily, well-crafted emails shouldn’t be more than 5 sentences long. He thinks that emails with less than 5 sentences look rude but those with more than 5 sentences are mostly time wasters. Indeed, it is not possible to write every email in only five sentences. However, you might want to keep in mind the value of brief emails.

Try to capture the important details with as few words as possible. Use bullet points where possible and let your paragraphs contain just a couple of sentences. To get your recipients to issue a response, be clear about what you want them to do. Let them know the kind of information you need because not being clear enough leads them to ignore your emails. Use clear call-to-action.


The role of Grammarly in email copywriting

A huge mistake that an email marketing copywriter can make is to not proofread emails to detect grammatical as well as spelling errors. If your emails contain too many spelling and grammar mistakes, your clients will have a hard time understanding you. It also reduces the level of trust that you earn. Do not get over-excited  Some emails are of very high importance and you must treat them as such. It would be a good idea to read them out loud to yourself or to a few persons. This will help to detect any errors.

A business copywriter needs to realize how important proofreading is before publishing. Although most businesses are battling with the informality associated with texting and tweeting, stellar grammar is unnegotiable. Using good grammar plays an important role in portraying you as a professional that is clear and direct. You can get help with your proofreading tasks. Your word processor already comes with a spell checker but they have limitations. This is where a specialized software like Grammarly that can help you to proofread your email marketing copies comes in. Grammarly is packed with a wide range of features that simplify the proofreading process. 

Using Grammarly for email marketing copywriting

All you have to do is sign up and login to access your dashboard. From here, you can create new documents to write your emails. Another idea is to copy-paste your emails from the word processor straight into Grammarly. Within a few seconds, the software analyzes and highlights any errors. You will also see reasons or explanations for your mistakes.

Apart from the virtual words editor, there is a plugin for Word as well as a browser extension that can be used on Firefox, as well as Safari and Chrome. 

If paying some money to have all the features of a quality proofreading software as well as Grammarly pricing does not deter you, you can try out Grammarly premium. And you’ll be able to check for more than 250 grammatical error types as well as plagiarism. Your emails will also be analyzed for vocabulary enhancement. Added to this is Grammarly for MS Office. You can use it to carry out all your spelling and grammatical checks without exiting the document. 

For Grammarly premium price comparison, you can get access to 3 types of subscription plans. They include the monthly, quarterly, and annual plans for $29.95, $59.95, and $139.95 respectively. 

Crafting stellar emails and publishing them is simplified with Grammarly. This application provides you with valid and accurate corrections which can be very easy to not notice. This doesn’t imply that it should determine your writing style. But it is a great resource if you are looking for how to write email marketing campaign copies. The truth is, there are not too many Grammarly alternative tools out there. 


When it comes to email marketing copywriting, Grammarly may not perfectly replace human proofreaders. It is great for your emails to have that special human touch but with the help of Grammarly, editing and proofreading is simplified.

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