Best Website Visitor Identification Software For B2B Sales Teams 

Among other things, the best website visitor identification software will help you to solve one problem. Your B2B sales team will be empowered to eliminate guesswork about the ideal buyer persona. 

In other words, you’ll be elevated with insightful data points to stop groping in the dark. 

If you are like most people, creating a buyer persona for B2B sales is likely based on demographic data. Here I am talking about things like industry, company size, location, job title, sex, and others that may be classified as firmographics. 

But you and I know that humans, not companies (documented legal entities) buy products and services. In most cases, they do this on behalf of their companies, regardless of size or any of these things mentioned above. 

The other interesting point is that none of these demographic data points is an accurate indication of existing need or interest to buy certain products at certain periods. 

This where the best website visitor identification software comes in as a solution. 

What Is Website Visitor Identification Software?

Website visitor identification software is used to identify the real people behind the companies visiting your website within a specified period of time. The powerful features of this software are used to identify, analyze, and segment B2B sales lead in a way that helps to increase conversion rate. 

Using the best website visitor identification software, B2B sales teams can be empowered to spend more resources highest quality leads while nurturing the low-quality ones. 

Here is one of the best ways to increase B2B sales conversion rate. 

Contrary to what most sales teams are currently doing, it is better than trying to fit everyone into a static demographic data sets. 

Wouldn’t you rather leverage proven purchase intent instead of 100% dependence on guesswork about the people currently in need of your products and services? But then, you need to get the traffic coming to your website first. 

Website Visitor Tracking vs Identification Software

In the traditional sense of it, website visitor tracking is mostly about identifying traffic referral source, visitor location in terms of IP address, and then volume. On the other hand, you can also track visitors based on actual purchases and information used like name, credit card, physical and I address. 

However, in a B2B sales context, measuring things like traffic volume, sessions, and other website activity data won’t reveal the real people that visited your website.

Another interesting fact is that your website visitors don’t have to buy any product or service before identifying them by their name and contact details. 

As we look into the best website visitor tracking software comparison, you’ll understand this and other benefits. 

Now let’s look into the best tools for the job. 

Website Visitor Identification Software Reviews 


Before now I use to think that website visitor tracking is all about measuring traffic volume, referral source, medium, and other data points until I discovered this tool. It was through an advert on Quora that I found this amazing tool. 

After a brief Leadfeeder free trial, I got really surprised about the powerful features of this website visitor identification software. 

Generally, this B2B lead generation tool will help you to identify, qualify, and connect with decision-makers visiting your website from time to time. But the most impressive feature is the one that allows users to qualify and segment leads based on custom filters. 

Interestingly, this will make it easier for your B2B sales team to identify and focus on the highest quality leads. 

Bearing in mind that the quality of all B2B sales leads as well as website visitors are rarely equal, this tool is bound to make a big difference if you put it into proper use. 

Leadfeeder Features 

  • Visitor Identification – identify the people visiting your website and the companies they are coming from. Contact details will include email, phone, and social media links
  • Visitor Activity Tracking – see exactly the source they come from, pages visited, session duration, and even location. Among other things, you can use this feature to track marketing and lead generation campaign results 
  • Prompt Email Alerts – lead response time is one big variable that often influences both lead quality and conversion rate. No need to engage prospects only after they have bought from your competitors.
  • CRM Integration – communicating with prospects at different stages of the purchase journey or funnel doesn’t have to spell chaos for your sales team
  • Powerful Lead Scoring – spending your resources on the highest quality leads will always result in a higher conversion rate and ROI. Leadfeeder will help you qualify, score, and segment leads based on custom filters set by you 
  • Account-Based Marketing – especially in a B2B marketing context, having your target accounts streamlines will help to increase effectiveness.  

Leadfeeder Pricing 

If you are looking for an affordable B2B lead generation software that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, Leadfeeder pricing might be within your current budget. One impressive and outstanding thing is that Leadfeeder free trial will give you full access to the premium features contained in the main paid plans. 

  • Lite Leadfeeder Pricing Plan – this seems to be a free forever plan which will allow you to generate and manage 100 leads max. 
  • Premium Leadfeeder Pricing Plan – for $55 per month, you’ll have access to all the Leadfeeder features mentioned above. Interestingly, you can get a free trial on this plan even without a credit card. 

With these two simple plans, it wouldn’t be hard to decide what is suitable for you and your team. Based on the way that lead generation tool works, you don’t have to continue looking for where to buy B2B sales leads. Just focus on the people coming to your website from different sources, including search engine optimization. 


Among the best website visitor identification software comparison in this post, LeadBoxer is another great option worth considering. From the great user interface, powerful features and simplified pricing, this B2B lead generation tool has many positive things going for it. Some of the big brands using it include IDG and Air France. 

One of the key things I see repeated severally is the baked-in flexibility which is meant to suit the peculiar needs of every B2B sales team. 

On a higher level, this tool is being positioned as a lead generation and business intelligence platform. 

Using the toolset and powerful features built on this platform, they also offer customized services for enterprise customers. However, you have to schedule a demo to see and understand the actual value that you can derive from these services. 

Just like website visitor tracking and advanced lead generation tools in the same category, you’ll also find a self serve pricing plans offered based on the SaaS model. 

LeadBoxer Features 

  • Visitor Identification – like some other tools in this lead generation software review post, you can use LeadBoxer features to identify the companies and individuals visiting your website. 
  • Website activity Tracking – with this feature, you can begin to leverage behavioral data collected from your website to improve your lead generation strategies
  • Email Data Tracking – with integration with some other email marketing tools, you don’t need to pay extra fees to get deeper insights into this lead generation channel
  • Rich Firmographci Data – useful data points here include industry, company size, domain, location, and social profiles 
  • Lead Segmentation – you can filter your leads based on things like visitor referral source, pages viewed, behavior, campaign URL, and others 
  • Automatic Lead Scoring – with a visual representation of lead scoring metrics, you’ll become able to spot hottest leads with ease. You don’t have to do any manual sorting at all. 
  • Email Notification – based on the criteria set by you, you’ll start getting prompt email notifications when quality leads that meet such criteria drop into your funnel
  • Automated Form Tracking – you can also use this website identification software to track form submissions on your website
  • API Access – depending on your current needs, you can request and have access to their API. This is one of the key features used by enterprise-focused B2B sales teams. 

LeadBoxer Pricing 

Talking about B2B lead generation software pricing, this one seems to be on the high end. But the thing is that they have some great features you might not be able to find in other LeadBoxer alternatives. Overall, they have two pricing plans. But only one of them offers LeadBoxer free trial for new users. 

Basic LeadBoxer Pricing – starting at $195 per month, this plan will give you access to almost all of the LeadBoxer features mentioned above. However, this plan will only allow you to have 10 users and to serve 50,000 events per month. 

Premium LeadBoxer Pricing – unlike the basic plan, this will allow you to have up to 25 users in your account with a capacity to contain 250,000 events. In addition to that, you’ll have the feature for cross-domain tracking as well as access to a dedicated customer success manager. However, you have to be paying $499 per month. 

In case you are generating considerable traffic volume from social media to your website, you can use this tool to start getting rich data sets. This will empower your sales team to increase the effectiveness and conversion rate in a consistent way. 


If you have been looking for information on how to generate B2B sales leads from your website, here is another great tool that will help you in that regard. From stellar educational materials to the powerful feature set, Leady will make it easier to ditch guesswork and start leveraging competitive sales intelligence. 

Some of the core use cases include B2B lead generation, customer intelligence, and SaaS marketing. 

Regardless of where your website visitors are coming from, you can use this tool to measure both campaign effectiveness and outcomes. 

In the context of SaaS marketing, you can use the insights derived from in-app user behavior to craft your messaging. For example, you can use this to convert free trial users to paying customers as well as increase the retention rate. 

Leady Features

  • Website Visitor Identification – based on the title of this post, you can also use Leady to identify the people visiting your website and the companies they are coming from
  • Lead Scoring – this tool will also help you to have a visual measure of the lead quality. This makes it easy to identify the leads you should be focusing on first. 
  • Upselling And Cross-Selling –  beyond the lead generation, it helps users to identify cross-selling and upselling opportunity based real customer data 
  • Campaign Performance Tracking – depending on the major traffic sources for your website, you’ll be able to identify which ones are delivering the highest quality leads and real sales. 
  • Platform Integration – based on the peculiar needs of your sales team, you can have this tool integrated into other platforms for email marketing and paid advertising. Google Ads and MailChimp are the two platforms mentioned clearly

Leady Pricing 

Based on other website visitor identification software reviews I have seen, Leady seems to be slightly more affordable than other alternatives like Leadfeeder and LeadBoxer. Even with the robust feature set listed on their website, the pricing plans start at a very low end. But just like every other SaaS product, what is being offered and the pricing that contains such features are usually different, even when two similar tools offer exactly the same feature set. 

Small Plan –  starting at $39 per month, this plan will give you access to basic features like website visitor tracking, user analytics, customer intelligence, data exports, and customer profiling. 

This is meant for users starting with  300 website visitors per month. 

Medium Plan – in addition to what you’ll get in the small plan, this plan starting at $69 per month will give you access to features like CRM integration, form tracker, API integration, SaaS analytics, customer segmentation, and Pipe Drive module. 

Large Plan – this one that goes for $149 per month has everything you’ll find in both the large and custom plans. The only difference is that the extra-large which is the same as a custom plan has no limit on the number of website visitors allowed for tracking and identification. Some of the sales teams currently using Lusha comes from companies like Cisco, Hilton, Manpower Group, 


If you visit Lusha’s website, their elevator pitch reads like ‘B2B contact information at your fingertips’. While this may not be perfect, you’ll get an idea of what the platform was built for. In other words, you can easily relate that other website visitor identification software for B2B sales teams. Some of the sales teams currently using Lusha come from companies like Cisco, Hilton, Manpower Group, InVision, etc. 

Besides your website, this lead generation software will help you identify quality sales leads through social networks, Salesforce, and API. 

Just so you know, Lusha also has a chrome extension that you can start with. 

With this extension, you’ll have what it takes to explore both LinkedIn and SalesForce for improved lead generation strategies. Based on other Lusha reviews I have found, the most dominant use cases are for sales and recruitment. 

Lusha Features

  • Lusha Forms – just as the prospects on your website are filling forms with basic information, Lusha will leverage their deep data integration systems to enrich the contacts to improve lead quality.
  • Email Address Verification – if you want to improve both sales email deliverability and conversion rate, you have to invest time and money to very your B2B emails
  • Phone Number Identification – besides email and social media profiles, Lusha features will also help you identify real phone numbers of B2B sales prospects 
  • SalesForce Contact Enrichment – to get better contact details that will help you increase lead quality inside SalesForce, this is the feature you need. 
  • Team Management – depending on the size of your company or sales team, having the team management feature will help you to streamline your sales prospecting strategies in an efficient way 

Lusha Pricing 

As you can see, this tool works slightly differently when compared to other website visitor identification software tools in this post. However, all of them are meant to help you identify B2B prospects, increase the lead quality as well as conversion rate and ROI. 

Talking about the price of lead B2B lead generation software, one of the key differences between Lush and others is that Lusha has a freemium plan that doesn’t have an expiration period. Below are the main Lusha pricing plans. 

Professional Lush Pricing Plan –  this one starts at $39 per month which will give you about 50 credits. Credits are counted individual clicks on partial contact details to reveal the full contact details for a lead.

Premium Lusha Pricing Plan – in comparison to the professional Lusha pricing plan, the only differences are exportable contacts, saving contacts to CRM, and team management. This plan goes for $49 per month for each user. 

Enterprise Lusha Pricing Plan – here is the highest pricing plan you’ll find on their website. If you buy into this plan that goes for $69 per month, you’ll have access to 120 credits. In addition to what you get in other Lusha pricing plans, you’ll get API access, real-time CRM enrichment, and some extra credits. 


I don’t know your background or current stage in your B2B sales career. However, if you have been wondering what is firmographic data and how can this be leveraged to increase B2B sales, here is one company that will help you experience that in real-time. 

Based on the copy found on KickFire’s website, their platform revolves around three specific things. These things include customer intelligence, purchase intent, and seamless platform integrations. 

Unlike some other website visitor identification software tools, one thing that sets KickFire apart is the extensive feature set meant for different use cases. 

However, getting access to these things requires a subscription to their high-end custom pricing plans. 

KickFire Features 

  • Website Visitor Identification – as part of the KickFire Live Leads suite, you’ll be able to identify the companies and people visiting your website in real-time. 
  • Website Visitor Segmentation –  we all know that one size never fits all. Using KickFire features for website visitor segmentation will make it easier to isolate and focus on higher quality leads
  • Website Content Personalization – beyond the buyer persona usually created with static demographic data sets, you can leverage the insights provided on this platform to personalize website content to improve effective messaging 
  • Website Activity Tracking – by identify the web pages viewed by each website visitor, you’ll become enable to craft effective pitches and messages that will match their current needs and pain points 
  • Quality Lead Alerts – through  Slack and email, you’ll be getting prompt alerts based on the lead qualification criteria and filters set by you.
  • Multichannel Campaign Tracking – from pay per click, email, retargeting, and search marketing, the KickFire features meant for this will help you track campaign performance and allocate your budget accordingly. 
  • Simplified ROI Reporting – beyond the lead generation, this platform and their software suite include the features for ROI reporting. No more 100% dependence on guesswork about the things that are and aren’t working 

KickFire Pricing 

Contrary to what you’ll find on other SaaS pricing pages, there was no indication of the exact amount attached to each pricing plan on KickFire’s website. Instead, the main major call to action on the KickFire pricing page invites users to either try the product or contact them directly. 

Interestingly, the high-value feature sets contained in their lead generation software suite is what makes it attractive to the current users. 


Affordable pricing and great user interface, these are the two most dominant factors that other users mentioned repeatedly throughout the LeadWork reviews researched for this post. Now, if these two factors are top considerations when you are looking into the best website visitor identification software comparison, consider this a great option within your reach. Besides, this tool has other positives going for it as well. 

For people looking into the best ways to generate warm B2B leads for outbound sales prospecting, here is one great tool that has proven to work for the job. 

In the systematic workflow, LeadWork features will help you to discover, identify, qualify, and target B2B sales leads while reducing manual labor. 

Just as the website copy reads, now you can stop doing ‘spray and pray’. 

Expectedly, this tool is used mainly for sales and marketing. Moreover, you can use it for account-based marketing and retargeting. And for all these, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money just like you’ll do for other LeadWorx alternatives. 

LeadWorx Features

  • Decision Maker Identification – especially when you are generating considerable website traffic volume from organic search and paid search advertising, identifying the people that visit your site and the companies they come from is a big competitive advantage
  • Lead Qualification – using LeadWorx features you’ll be able to filter qualified and unqualified leads. This also makes it easier to exclude existing customers without much hard work on the part of your B2B sales teams
  • Rich Contact Details – with the social media context, LeadWorx features enable users to have clear contact details of individual lead including job titles
  • Real-Time Alerts – receive prompt notifications whenever a website visitor that meets your lead quality criteria is visiting 
  • CRM Data Syncing – no need to sort lead data manually. Your data will be synced and sorted automatically as they are coming into the sales funnel 
  • Website Personalization – stop trying to sell luxurious homes to people in need of running shoes. Leverage the power of website personalization to improve messaging effectiveness and conversion rate 
  • Account-Based Marketing – you can segment your leads while leveraging account-based marketing strategies at the same time.
  • Platform Integrations – Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, Outreach, Hubspot, and WordPress, are the major platforms where you can integrate LeadWorx to improve your lead generation strategies. 

LeadWorx Pricing 

Depending on your preference, you can choose the annual or monthly LeadWorx pricing plans. Just like many other lead generation software companies do, you’ll get a discount of up to 20% if you choose the annual pricing plan. 

Basic LeadWorx Pricing Plan – in terms of pricing plan comparison, you won’t find many differences between this basic and other plans. At the time of this writing, this plan goes for $149 per month which is meant to contain around 5000 visitors per month. 

Startup LeadWorx Pricing Plan – starting at $299 per month, this pricing plan is meant to serve websites generating around 10,000 visitors every month. Besides website traffic volume the only difference is the access to account-based marketing feature. 

Team LeadWorx Pricing Plan – with $699 per month, you’ll have access to LeadWorx features that enable your team to start generating leads from 50,000 website visitors per month. Except for the monthly website traffic volume, there is no other difference between this and some other closely related plans. 

However, if your website is generating more than 50,000 visitors per month, you have to contact them for a custom plan which is likely to be priced higher above all these ones. 

Best Website Visitor Identification Software: The FAQs

How do you get more inbound leads?

The best inbound lead generation strategies are usually through search engine marketing. Through this, you can start generating more inbound leads using organic search engine optimization. The other part is paid search advertising. Each one of these options will help you to attract quality leads exactly when they are searching for your products or services. 

How do you generate SaaS leads?

There are many different ways to generate Saas leads. The main thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t be working on too many SaaS lead generation strategies at a time. Choose channels based on your available resources. Then executing, iterating, and improving your strategies based on insights derived from real data. 

Some of the best SaaS lead generation strategies include the following – 

  • Free tools
  • Webinars
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • White papers
  • Networking events 
  • Content marketing 
  • Video marketing 
  • Referral marketing 

How can I generate leads for free?

You can leverage search engine optimization and do the work involved on your own. Consider signing up for a free trial of the best website visitor identification software when you start generating considerable traffic volume. Through these means, you can stop looking for how to generate leads for free and start taking actions that will get you results. 

What is the best lead generation software? 

Knowing that the tools you use in business often make a big difference, it is always beneficial to go for the best lead generation software in the market. Check out these ones below. And the interesting part is that most of them come with free trial plans. 

  1. Leadfeeder
  2. LeadWorx
  3. LeadBoxer
  4. Clearbit
  5. OptinMonster
  6. LeadFormly
  7. Hello Bar
  8. Unbounce
  9. LeadPages
  10. LeadiQ

How do you target a lead?

How you target a lead is mostly based on the lead generation strategies you choose to use. For example, if you are using search engine optimization you can target leads based on the pages they viewed on your website, how long they spent, the location they came from, and even their job title. See this guide on how to use Leadfeeder to generate leads from SEO. 


Website visitor tracking doesn’t have to stop at measuring traffic volume, session duration, and page views. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for people to initiate contact with your business before you’ll start attempting to convert them into quality leads. 

Knowing the corporate and individual identity of the people that visited your website is one step further you can take towards the improvement of your B2B lead generation strategies

From emails to social profiles and phone numbers, you’ll have what it takes to engage warm leads visiting specific pages on your site. 

In case the geographic location of website visitors and leads is important to you, most of the best website visitor identification software reviewed in this post can help with that. In addition to that, you’ll find many other B2B lead segmentation capabilities when you start using any of the software tools mentioned in this post. 

Remember, you can sign up for a free trial plan to experience the real benefits of using website visitor identification software. 

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